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unproductive …

It always seems that the one night you’ve got tons to do and the motivation to do them does all go wrong. Peanut and I arrived home only to be greeted by a total mess left for us by our Siberian husky, Cody. He was seriously sick all day, it appeared, and I’d say the mess I had to clean up fully spanned 30 to 40 square feet. I won’t get into any further details, but it was the really not so nice type of sick.

Lily’s hunger, naturally, was super timely. As I cleaned up Cody’s mess, I had Lily propped up with a blanket under her bottle. Thank goodness that worked out; I’m not sure if the smell of my house or the satisfaction of my daughter would have been more important at the moment. About half an hour later, the mess was cleaned up. Justin arrived home shortly after and immediately headed outside to begin trimming – yeah, dinner was going to be late … again. Not more than 15 minutes after he started did I hear a knock on the front door. It was Justin, along with two unidentified men.

IMG_9266e1 Who were the men, you ask? Reps selling Verizon FIOS service – it was recently added in our area, so they were trying to sign up new customers. I’ve been dead against Verizon FIOS for a myriad of reasons, and there was some serious irony in them showing up today; I’ll save the details for a post later in the week or this weekend. Anyway, my husband agreed and signed us up for Verizon FIOS. Oh, fantastic. Just super. That whole escapade cost us about an hours worth of time – yay.

By the time Hubs finished trimming and showered, it was 8:30. Do you think I’m starting dinner at 8:30? Nope – it was a McDonald’s night! Ha! Naturally, the trip over there and back wasn’t without excitement. I almost t-boned this car driven by a woman who thought I should yield to her as she entered the traffic circle. Yeah, I had the right of way, but whatever. If I hadn’t noticed her speed and reacted, it would’ve been all over.

IMG_9262e1 On a happy note, I shared my Happy Meal with Lily, giving her the purple unicorn, Fable. I’ll post pics tomorrow; she held Fable the unicorn the whole time Justin fed her – melt my heart!

Anyway, it’s now 9:49 pm and I’ve just gotten the chance to sit down. There was dinner, a baby’s bath, and some organizing of this crazy house that needed to be done … sigh. So much to do tonight, and absolutely nothing got done. IMG_9271e1 Guess you could say it’s just one of those days! Sadly, I know I’ll pay for it over the next few days. This new life sure isn’t easy … but it’s SO worth it and so much more fun! And in the grand scheme of things, life is good and I’m blessed. I think I’ll take this okay day and move on!

P.S. – One of the things I wanted to do tonight was further research on PUL. I’m learning now that it’s not approved for food use, so I’m looking for more alternatives. We’ll see if I get a chance for some research while feeding Lily tonight – watch for a post either tomorrow or Friday!


wish list …

My wish list really isn’t that long – I’m a relatively simple gal and couldn’t really care much about material things. There is, however, one thing I do want. And that one thing I want, I can’t have.

I’m a Verizon Wireless customer, and have been mostly happy since I made the switch from AT&T Wireless approximately 7 years ago. AT&T was terrible, at least at the time, and quite honestly, the service I received has completely ruined the brand for me.

See where this is going? I want an iPhone. I adore my Macs – I have one at home and even have a lone Mac in an all PC world at work (“Please? It’s the BEST for graphics!” Well, it’s true, but …). I want an iPhone with Verizon; I simply refuse to go back to AT&T. (Am I headed for a temper tantrum here, or what!?)

What’s a girl to do? According to articles circulating the web today (Check these out: this one, and another, and another …), I could be the thrilled owner of an iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network sometime in the future. But the question is W-H-E-N? No one knows. And unfortunately, I know it won’t be before we’re eligible for “New Every Two” phones – in early August. Sigh.

I guess for now I’ll just have to suck it up and choose something else – it’s just that something that I’m unsure of. Do you have a phone/smartphone that you adore? Or maybe one that you can’t stand? I’d love to hear what you like/don’t like about the device you’re currently using.

Until the day comes that I can purchase an iPhone and use it with my Verizon Wireless account, I’ll just have to keep waiting … and longing …