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my dog wears lip gloss.

Yeah, it’s true. Well, maybe it’s not entirely like that, but our beloved Siberian husky HAS worn lip gloss. Though he didn’t know it was lip gloss. Fine, so he ate lip gloss and ended up wearing it, okay?

Husband, Peanut and I had gone to the Greene Turtle for some dinner (The specific intention was to get wings … mmm. They weren’t that good, but it was my fault … I made him get boneless. Sigh. Next time, I’ll just deal with the bones.) on this particular Thursday evening. When we returned, my husband got out of the car and opened the door while I worked on getting Peanut out of the car. I always worry when I hear, “Oh, Cody. He got into …” come out of my husband’s mouth. This time, it was, “He got into your Mary Kay.” Oh sugar.

Now let me explain. I’ve been trying to get rid of some of my older MK stuff on eBay for some time. I had packaged one set up back in May, taken pictures, and made my list of what was included so I could write my eBay listing. Unfortunately, that’s as far as it made it. The mailing envelope of MK sat in a basket next to our couch for nearly 3 months (Yeah, I’m THAT organized.). Apparently, on this particular Thursday night, Cody had decided he’d had enough of the waiting – the smell of the lip gloss just became too much for him to bear.

What did he eat? Well, thank goodness he didn’t get into the nail polish; I would have cried. There were plenty of other products he broke into, though! Two different lip gloss colors, an Eyesicles eye color, and about half a dozen other beautiful cosmetics. Yeah, he ruined one of our area rugs, but thankfully it was the white one – the one we’re looking to replace anyway.

We ended up having to cut the fur from his paw – this turned out to be okay at this time of year, considering there’s no snow in August. He had lip gloss up both of his front legs (The right looked much cooler than the left!) and on his lip.

I’m telling you, this dog is a trip! Our lives are never boring with Cody around.



Note: If you are a Siberian husky lover, or even a dog lover in general, jump over here and give the Painter Pack some love. They recently lost their Sibe, Koova Bleu, in a tragic accident and could use some prayers and positive vibes. Thanks!


the big three five …

I know, I have some crazy tendencies. This Thursday, August 7th marked our dog-son’s 35th birthday … in dog years, that is. We’ve had him for 4 years, and though we don’t know his real birthday, we celebrate his adoption date like his birthday. We guess he was around 1 when we adopted him, so he’s somewhere around 5. As crazy as it might sound, I find it necessary to celebrate. He always gets presents, and of course, birthday cake … Frosty Paws!

Cody01I’m flashing back to adoption day 4 years ago. We bought our house just a month prior and were two and a half months from getting married. After dog-sitting my parent’s dog while they were in Florida, Daisy’s departure left me lonely and longing for a four-legged friend of my own. I knew I wanted a husky, though I don’t know why (My husband wanted a black lab …). Perhaps it the blue eyes and black and white markings. Or maybe their crazy personalities that in some ways reflects mine. I know it wasn’t the shedding – I had no idea it could be THIS bad. So I did some searching online and found several huskies at the Carroll County Humane Society. I immediately fell in love with Cody, a young black & white husky with bright blue eyes. He was very thin, but absolutely adorable. That Saturday, August 7th, we went to check out all the dogs they had. We walked through, and Cody was in the first cage on the left. He was the mouthiest of all, and little did we know, that’s how he always is! We asked to spend some time with him, and after hanging out for a bit, decided he was the one. We almost lost him twice. When the gal came back to get him so we could spend time with him, another family wanted to see him. Then, after we decided we wanted him, they needed proof of residence, which we did not bring with us. Luckily, it all worked out.

The years since then have been crazy. He was almost returned just weeks after we brought him home (“Justin, if he sh!ts in his cage and sits in it one more time, he’s going back.”), but he straightened up just in the knick of time. He’s consumed countless carbs, performed disappearing acts on numerous occasions, and has given us his fair share of trouble. But trust me, it’s all been SO worth it. He’s hilarious! Cody, here’s to you as we celebrate 4 years of fun!

So … I know I’m crazy, and I know that this could be considered a form of torture, but this is what the Frosty Paws feast looked like this year …

IMG_5154 IMG_5151 IMG_5148