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cody | 08.07.04 – 07.22.10

IMG_8907.JPG I keep looking at his cushion on the couch. It’s empty and my heart is so heavy. Tears continue to run down my face.  I don’t think that image will ever leave my brain; I looked back as we left the room and saw him laying there. Gone. I watched him stop breathing. I saw the life leave his body. And as incredibly sad as it was, I was happy for him. He’s free from the body that failed him. He spent the last several weeks suffering, and last night, we got our sign.

We adopted Cody on August 7, 2004. Young spirits, we were – as was he at approximately 1 year old. We had just bought our house and were about to get married. I had always loved huskies and ironically there was one at a local shelter at just the time we were looking. Timing was everything – when we went to meet Cody, there was another family who wanted to meet him, too. The loudest of the bunch, and by far the most charming. Because we had requested him first, he got to visit with us first. Naturally, we brought him home.

Good grief, did we have some times with him. In the beginning, he escaped our barricades, would go to the bathroom in his crate and roll around in it, and eat bagels when we left him to roam the house during the day. I can’t tell you how many times he got loose. He spent so little time outside in the summer and would spend hours outside in the fall. How on earth he managed to get away so much will always be a mystery to me. We’d put him out when he wanted to go and wait for him to tell us he wanted back in. Sometimes, though, we didn’t hear from him!

IMG_1645 He ate countless packs of gum, chewed through my dive bag for chapstick, and devoured an entire box of cake mix. He amazed me when he moved a bottle of cranberry juice into the living room, took the lid off, and drank from the bottle without spilling a drop! Stuffed animals were torn to shreds in minutes. He ate mink oil and would tear apart shoes when he was in the right – or wrong – mood.

He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. And a beggar? Dinner time was sometimes unbearable. He stole fresh-baked bread from the kitchen counter and ate an entire meatloaf. So many leftovers never made it to the next day because he would devour them when our back was turned. And smart – was he ever smart. He’d scope out the situation and wait for the right moment.

He was with me through my pregnancy and was so incredibly protective of Lily – he’d come get us when she cried and if we didn’t respond fast enough, he certainly didn’t give up! We were so amazed when we brought Lily home and he didn’t act like anything was different – except for the protective bit. We’re certain he sensed what was going on – he was right by my side during my labor at home, too, often pacing the house with me.

All in all, he was SUCH a good dog. Yes, we had some tough times with him, but they were so worth it. He adored Justin and was by far a daddy’s boy. Independent – rarely would he snuggle, but he did like his back scratched. He loved going for rides, and the best was sticking his head out the window. In the summertime, we’d have to turn the a/c all the way up and as cold as it would go.

IMG_7269 And now he’s gone. We took Cody at 6:40 tonight to end his pain and suffering. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in mid-May and given a few weeks to a few months to live. I’m thankful we got 2 months with him – there were days we were sure we wouldn’t make it this far. We got several signs last night that the time had come – in the end, he vomited twice, hadn’t gone to the bathroom (Neither way.) in 2 days, didn’t sleep the night before – at ALL, was breathing rapidly, and could barely walk. All of this happened suddenly, and it was certainly our sign.

Cody will always hold a very special place in my heart. I’m so sad without him. I know this awful feeling will pass, but for now I feel awful. And I haven’t yet broken the habit of looking to him on his couch cushion – I hope I never will.

P.S. – I took some pictures of Cody over the past few days – I’ll post them when I have a chance. For now, I’ll leave you with some oldies.


sunday randoms …

Random 1 …
I love the recently released Coldplay song, Viva La Vida.” I really don’t know why I love it so much. I’ve always liked Coldplay, and this time, I can’t get enough of this song. There’s something so “official” sounding about it. It’s serious, and makes me introspective. I like that. Sometimes.

Random 2 …
My friends, I have found my new snack of choice. On my way home from the “do it our way or hit the highway” institution, I stopped at Roots Market. Among other things, I bought a 1.5 lb. bag of Organic Raw Pepitas. While they’re awesome as they are, I wanted to roast them. Oh. My. Gosh. The taste and texture of those little roasted seeds are beyond words. I took a cup or so and coated them with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. They then went onto a foil-lined baking sheet and into the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. What emerged was total bliss. My next trials will include garlic powder, ranch dressing mix, and parmesan cheese – one at a time, of course! I can’t wait!

Random 3 …
The house is so quiet. No husband, no dog-son. I’ve been alone before, and typically love my days alone, but for some reason, I feel lost this time. Thinking about it, I can’t remember a time when Justin went away with Cody. He’s always here with me, and it’s his absence that has me feeling lonely. He doesn’t talk, but provides a comforting presence. I know, I’m crazy.

Random 4 …
I heard someone else use the word berm besides my husband. Yippee! How exciting! Chef Duff (of Charm City Cakes) on Ace of Cakes used the word berm when discussing a dirt biking Bar Mitzvah cake. Justin, I take back all of my criticisms of your use of the word berm; I’m sorry! NOTE: The definition of berm will also appear in this week’s word of the week entry.

Random 5 …
He did it! Our four-legged friend made his way into the ocean for the first time! Justin said Cody’s chasing the birds – big surprise. He’s always looking for a playmate – whether it be squirrels, birds, or the neighbor’s cats! The report – he’s going in up to his “elbows,” and that’s about it. Hey, he’s no retriever or spaniel, people … he’s a husky (And a wimpy one, at that!)!
cody_ocean cody_nc_rest

the big three five …

I know, I have some crazy tendencies. This Thursday, August 7th marked our dog-son’s 35th birthday … in dog years, that is. We’ve had him for 4 years, and though we don’t know his real birthday, we celebrate his adoption date like his birthday. We guess he was around 1 when we adopted him, so he’s somewhere around 5. As crazy as it might sound, I find it necessary to celebrate. He always gets presents, and of course, birthday cake … Frosty Paws!

Cody01I’m flashing back to adoption day 4 years ago. We bought our house just a month prior and were two and a half months from getting married. After dog-sitting my parent’s dog while they were in Florida, Daisy’s departure left me lonely and longing for a four-legged friend of my own. I knew I wanted a husky, though I don’t know why (My husband wanted a black lab …). Perhaps it the blue eyes and black and white markings. Or maybe their crazy personalities that in some ways reflects mine. I know it wasn’t the shedding – I had no idea it could be THIS bad. So I did some searching online and found several huskies at the Carroll County Humane Society. I immediately fell in love with Cody, a young black & white husky with bright blue eyes. He was very thin, but absolutely adorable. That Saturday, August 7th, we went to check out all the dogs they had. We walked through, and Cody was in the first cage on the left. He was the mouthiest of all, and little did we know, that’s how he always is! We asked to spend some time with him, and after hanging out for a bit, decided he was the one. We almost lost him twice. When the gal came back to get him so we could spend time with him, another family wanted to see him. Then, after we decided we wanted him, they needed proof of residence, which we did not bring with us. Luckily, it all worked out.

The years since then have been crazy. He was almost returned just weeks after we brought him home (“Justin, if he sh!ts in his cage and sits in it one more time, he’s going back.”), but he straightened up just in the knick of time. He’s consumed countless carbs, performed disappearing acts on numerous occasions, and has given us his fair share of trouble. But trust me, it’s all been SO worth it. He’s hilarious! Cody, here’s to you as we celebrate 4 years of fun!

So … I know I’m crazy, and I know that this could be considered a form of torture, but this is what the Frosty Paws feast looked like this year …

IMG_5154 IMG_5151 IMG_5148

the “dog mom” chronicles … the loving comedy in owning a siberian husky .:|:.~ part 3 ~.:|:.

I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore. This stuff happens so often, and still, it amazes me.

It’s a rainy Friday night in June. We’re sitting on the couch watching a movie; Justin on the right side, me on the left, and the middle cushion is open. Cody is in his usual spot – on the granite floor by the back door. (He spends a lot of time here – he’s extremely furry, it’s the middle of summer, and the granite is nice and cold. Good match, huh?)

So we’re all settled and about halfway through the movie. Cody gets up and nudges Justin, which is what he normally does when he has to go out. We pause the movie, and Justin gets up to let Cody out. As Justin walks to the back door, Cody makes his move … and steals Justin’s seat on the couch! In his defense, that cushion IS normally his. But seriously! He sits there with his head over the arm of the couch, and refuses to make eye contact with either of us.

Needless to say, at this point, all we can do is laugh. These little things are so funny! The attitude is at times just too much to bear!


the “dog mom” chronicles … the loving comedy in owning a siberian husky .:|:.~ part 2 ~.:|:.

Here we go again … friends, this dog is funny! Here’s the background …

Background note 1: some personality traits on Cody. The hierarchy of our home pack goes as follows:
#1 = “top dog” Justin
#2 = Cody
#3 = me
This is absolutely no joke, and no, I haven’t lost my mind. He truly believes he’s higher than me in our pack hierarchy.

Background note 2: Cody’s not the following type. He does his own thing and spends most of his days on one of his two leather couch cushions. He’ll occasionally lay outside the kitchen watching for a flying piece of food to devour, but otherwise, he keeps to himself. Try to play ball with him and he gets totally confused; he’d rather play alone, throwing the ball himself and either catching or attacking it.

Background note 3: this pooch is a vacuum cleaner. He’ll eat anything. He’s eaten loaves of homemade bread, a whole meatloaf, frozen chicken, a few bags of bagels, and usually manages to eat the trash once a week or so. He loves people food and will find a way to get it if we’re not paying attention. He’s also eaten mink oil, an herb pack, gum, Crocs, lip gloss & chapstick, candles … if it smells good, he eats it.

Okay, here we go. Up at 6:30 and off to the grocery store. Among the other normal groceries were 5 boxes of cake mix and 6 boxes of powdered sugar … cake decorating class. Upon returning home, my morning was spent baking two cakes and making two double batches of icing. Yes, the house smelled SO good! Here’s where we start putting two and two together. Cody had been following me throughout the kitchen all morning long, which, as I mentioned earlier, doesn’t ever happen. You guessed it – he wanted some cake!

Continuing, one cake was dammed, jammed and iced (You make a dam for the jam … got it?), the other placed in the fridge for later icing in preparation for Tuesday evening’s cake class.

So with one cake in tow and the other stored in the fridge, we were certain we were safe. We headed out, feeling we’d Cody-proofed fairly well.

We returned home around 11p or so. Justin took Cody out and I grabbed some things from the car. Sitting things down on the kitchen table, I noticed a white powder sprinkled where I’m standing. The gears are turning at this point, so I turn the light on and it becomes clear; there are paw prints throughout the house and remnants of a cardboard box on the living room rug surrounded by a few small pieces of plastic. Yes, this dog ate an entire box of cake mix! All we could do was laugh – there was cake mix everywhere – in the grooves of the hardwood, matted into the rug, throughout the kitchen, on the couch … everywhere.


Admittedly, it was totally my fault. I didn’t even think about it, and I know him all to well – I really should have known better. For the laughs we had, though, it was well worth the 30 minutes of cleanup we did that night. We figure an entire box of cake mix and the 2 cups of water or so he drank “baking” in his belly at 100-103 degrees (a dog’s normal body temperature) for several hours would make an awfully yummy yellow cake! Sometimes, the humor is just too much to bear …

Note: Yes, I gave him a bite of icing in the morning to top it all off! Would you want a cake without icing? I don’t think so!