I was perusing the wordpress home page tonight when I came across an interesting family-centric blog. While the blog itself was extremely inspiring, what I found most useful was one of the bloggist’s pages; one that addresses blog commenting. Being a blogger myself, her thoughts on comments hit home. That being said, here are my thoughts on blogging and commenting etiquette.

It’s okay to enjoy reading other people’s blogs; that’s what they’re for! Reading other blogs does not make you a stalker. As such, what I write here is public. If I wanted an audience of only friends and family, I’d make my blog private. I know many of you are strangers to me, and that’s part of the fun of blogging. I like to meet and connect with people with whom I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity. And while my #1 intention of blogging isn’t to get comments and feedback, I do like to hear what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to say it, that is, if you want to. I love to hear from you, and without your comments, I’m very lonely and feel I’m on a stage without an audience. It’s no fun!

I don’t care how you got here, nor do I care what makes you stay or go. I read blogs the same as you, and it certainly does not make either one of us stalkers. We’re simply able to take advantage of this amazingly simple and widespread platform to quickly and easily find other individuals who have similar interests to our own. We’re able to make connections online that would be difficult to form otherwise.

Please don’t misunderstand my intentions; this is no attempt to twist your arm for comments. I don’t particularly care if you do or don’t. But please don’t feel like you can’t leave your thoughts because anyone will judge you and/or what you say. Blogs are public, and without you, serve a much more limited purpose.

Here, it’s okay that you’re a normal person who stumbled across this blog and has something to say about it. I’m appreciative of the fact that you enjoy reading blogs and do sincerely hope you’re able to find a topic or two here of interest.

So, welcome to all of you – friends, family, and strangers – old and new.


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