I’m a self-proclaimed link-a-holic. My page holds, at the present time, 1,433 1,435 1,461 links collected from May ’07 until now. Instead of making you bored and crazy with all 1,433 1,435 1,461 links, many of which will apply to you and your interests, I’ve decided to share this trimmed down compilation of links. Hopefully you’ll find some of them useful. If you’ve got some you can’t live without – SHARE THEM with me!

P.S. – This will be a huge work in progress, so check back often for new links!

[last updated: 10/17/08]

cool blogs …

check out these faces … the faces of bellingham.
if you’re looking for cool paper and digital scrapbooking supplies, the ladybug pages is a must see!
this is a creative must-see! check out travel and sing!
this mama makes stuff has the coolest ideas for unique and recycled crafts!

fun web stuff …

make your own wordle!
30+ tools for working with wordpress posts

food …

chicken! chicken! they’ve got such great chicken salad!
omg, who wouldn’t love a pickle sickle!? i’m dying to try them!

health …

hungry girl is fantastic! if you’re not getting her daily e-mails, you’re missing out!
if you travel, you’ve got to check out passport health usa. yeah, I need to be visiting them soon … argh., because what good is a girl without self-diagnosis?

hobbies …

cake decorating
sugarcraft is a great resource for cake supplies
wilton method of cake decorating

dive fitness … gotta stay in shape!
divewire is a great diving news resource
scuba do rag – i’ve got a do rag, hood and tube socks! they’re awesome!

my flickr photostream
photo safaris in baltimore
photo safaris in dc

school …

the carey business school of johns hopkins university
elizabethtown college
howard community college
owen j. roberts

shopping …

need a countdown to christmas?
cow parade! oh yeah!
if you can’t find it on ebay, it’s not out there!
these coolers rock!
wishingfish is a great site for unique gifts.


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  1. Thanks so much for linking me! 🙂

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