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iphone app – to do list.

I’m terribly picky about certain things. My latest search involves finding the perfect to-do list app for my iPhone. I need something that is in a to-do list format with reminders (multiple), manual sorting and color coding.

Do you have any ideas?

Here are some I’ve either tried or planning to investigate:

  • 2Do
  • Daily Tasks (To Dos)
  • Eco.To.Do
  • eTodo
  • Evernote
  • Nubi Do
  • Put Things Off
  • reQall
  • SeizeTheDay
  • SmartTime 4
  • Springpad
  • Taska
  • Things
  • Today Todo
  • Todo
  • Toodledo
  • Week Calendar
  • YouDo

Please help!


oops …

Spell check has been failing me lately. Or perhaps it’s me that’s been failing spell check. Either way, this one gave me a good laugh and reminded me of a few other spell check mishaps. Today, my quick clicking had me change “.pdf” to “.puff.” Thankfully, my recipient will likely get a chuckle from it – otherwise, it’s embarrassing.

Reminds me of an oops that happened in college. I had a professor with the last name of Pomroy. Once again, my quick clicking got me in trouble, and my email was sent to Professor Poopy instead of Professor Pomroy. Seriously? Yes, it’s absolutely true. I’ll never forget it.

Note to self – slow down when going through the motions with spell check!

excel: conditional formatting

This would be me giving to you. Though it’s only a small piece of probably not-so-useful information, it’s sharing nonetheless. So Happy New Year, okay?

I love learning new things, and I especially like learning things that work for me and make my life easier. Such a thing happened this morning, and it was a beautiful moment. (Okay, maybe that’s just a bit over the top, but it was still fun!)

While I don’t live in Excel and am much more a graphics/creative type gal, I do have great appreciation for a well-designed spreadsheet or two. This morning, I was on a mission to get my spreadsheet working for me – you know, alerting me when things are different.

If you’re at all into “IF” statements in Excel, you know how much they rock. I wanted an “IF” statement that changed the font color when the value fell below zero … but that wasn’t meant to be through the use of an “IF” statement. A quick google search led me to the “Conditional Formatting …” option under the “Format” menu. Awesome! Here, you can set up several different conditions and resulting changes in the cell color, font formatting, and cell border. Awesome!

I ended up using two conditions – one that changed the font to red if the cell value dipped below zero, and a second that turned the cell orange with a white font if a value was missing.

Try it out – okay, not just for fun (Because it’s really not that fun.), but if you have the need! Get your work working for you!

social media @ work?

Do you use social networking sites at work? I’ll admit, maybe regrettably (The admission, not the use.), that I do.

This look at my use of social networking at work came after reading this article. If you’re at all interested in social media, marketing, human resources, or even business management, I recommend you read it. The author presents some interesting perspectives and quite a strong case for the use of social media in the workplace.

Personally, the majority of my social media use during business hours is instigated by a business need. Among other business uses, I am responsible for my organization’s Facebook page and make any updates and posts during business hours. I use LinkedIn to keep in contact with vendors, get news on upcoming events,  and to stay up to date on marketing and construction industry trends. I can honestly say that 75% or more of my Twitter stream is business related, and that’s nearly all I check on that particular site. I use Delicious to organize my business association links, vendor sites, and creative references and refer to them at least once a day. And yes, I check my RSS feed for blog updates throughout the day, again most of which are job related.

That’s not to say that I don’t stray to post the occasional personal comment on Facebook, breeze through the “parenting” category on my Twitter stream, or add a new link to my Delicious account. I do. However, my use of these sites is not excessive, and blocking them would only hinder my overall productivity.

My employer does not have a policy on social networking, and quite honestly, perhaps they should. It would likely be beneficial to define what is and is not appropriate and how employees should conduct themselves on these sites if acting on behalf of the organization – after all, I’m certain I’m not the only one here using social media for business purposes.

How about you – do you use social networking sites during business hours? Does your employer have a policy on social media? Are you even permitted to use such sites? Just curious.

Happy weekend, everyone!

photoshop: colored pencil

Here’s a cool technique to make your images look like they were done with colored pencil. Again, I modified the original tutorial a bit to suit my particular image, but I essentially followed it as it is presented!

My photo transition …



photoshop: comic book …


Following this tutorial, I turned a normal picture into a retro comic book type image. See?



Awesome, huh? I had to make some modifications in my version to get it to turn out right (changed the resolution, increased the grain in the “film grain” step), but for the most part, I followed the tutorial.

Hmm, what can I create next!?

unproductive …

It always seems that the one night you’ve got tons to do and the motivation to do them does all go wrong. Peanut and I arrived home only to be greeted by a total mess left for us by our Siberian husky, Cody. He was seriously sick all day, it appeared, and I’d say the mess I had to clean up fully spanned 30 to 40 square feet. I won’t get into any further details, but it was the really not so nice type of sick.

Lily’s hunger, naturally, was super timely. As I cleaned up Cody’s mess, I had Lily propped up with a blanket under her bottle. Thank goodness that worked out; I’m not sure if the smell of my house or the satisfaction of my daughter would have been more important at the moment. About half an hour later, the mess was cleaned up. Justin arrived home shortly after and immediately headed outside to begin trimming – yeah, dinner was going to be late … again. Not more than 15 minutes after he started did I hear a knock on the front door. It was Justin, along with two unidentified men.

IMG_9266e1 Who were the men, you ask? Reps selling Verizon FIOS service – it was recently added in our area, so they were trying to sign up new customers. I’ve been dead against Verizon FIOS for a myriad of reasons, and there was some serious irony in them showing up today; I’ll save the details for a post later in the week or this weekend. Anyway, my husband agreed and signed us up for Verizon FIOS. Oh, fantastic. Just super. That whole escapade cost us about an hours worth of time – yay.

By the time Hubs finished trimming and showered, it was 8:30. Do you think I’m starting dinner at 8:30? Nope – it was a McDonald’s night! Ha! Naturally, the trip over there and back wasn’t without excitement. I almost t-boned this car driven by a woman who thought I should yield to her as she entered the traffic circle. Yeah, I had the right of way, but whatever. If I hadn’t noticed her speed and reacted, it would’ve been all over.

IMG_9262e1 On a happy note, I shared my Happy Meal with Lily, giving her the purple unicorn, Fable. I’ll post pics tomorrow; she held Fable the unicorn the whole time Justin fed her – melt my heart!

Anyway, it’s now 9:49 pm and I’ve just gotten the chance to sit down. There was dinner, a baby’s bath, and some organizing of this crazy house that needed to be done … sigh. So much to do tonight, and absolutely nothing got done. IMG_9271e1 Guess you could say it’s just one of those days! Sadly, I know I’ll pay for it over the next few days. This new life sure isn’t easy … but it’s SO worth it and so much more fun! And in the grand scheme of things, life is good and I’m blessed. I think I’ll take this okay day and move on!

P.S. – One of the things I wanted to do tonight was further research on PUL. I’m learning now that it’s not approved for food use, so I’m looking for more alternatives. We’ll see if I get a chance for some research while feeding Lily tonight – watch for a post either tomorrow or Friday!