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excel: conditional formatting

This would be me giving to you. Though it’s only a small piece of probably not-so-useful information, it’s sharing nonetheless. So Happy New Year, okay?

I love learning new things, and I especially like learning things that work for me and make my life easier. Such a thing happened this morning, and it was a beautiful moment. (Okay, maybe that’s just a bit over the top, but it was still fun!)

While I don’t live in Excel and am much more a graphics/creative type gal, I do have great appreciation for a well-designed spreadsheet or two. This morning, I was on a mission to get my spreadsheet working for me – you know, alerting me when things are different.

If you’re at all into “IF” statements in Excel, you know how much they rock. I wanted an “IF” statement that changed the font color when the value fell below zero … but that wasn’t meant to be through the use of an “IF” statement. A quick google search led me to the “Conditional Formatting …” option under the “Format” menu. Awesome! Here, you can set up several different conditions and resulting changes in the cell color, font formatting, and cell border. Awesome!

I ended up using two conditions – one that changed the font to red if the cell value dipped below zero, and a second that turned the cell orange with a white font if a value was missing.

Try it out – okay, not just for fun (Because it’s really not that fun.), but if you have the need! Get your work working for you!


word of the week: 09.28.09


I’m thinking a lot today about my “life story” – what I’m creating through my everyday interactions and how I can make it more meaningful and interesting. That led me to this week’s word of the week:

introspect: [v: in-truhspekt]
Consider one’s own feelings and internal state.

word of the week: 09.21.09


I’m totally shocked – this week’s word occurred to me as a result of some thought about a recent happening. For some reason, I thought I had chosen it once before. Guess what I found? This exact word was also the word of the week precisely one year ago today!!! Yes, lackadaisical was the word of the week on 09.22.2008! So, without further ado, I bring you the word of the week that was just meant to be – in more ways than one!

lackadaisical: [adj: lak-uhdey-zi-kuhl]
Without vigor, interest or determination; lethargic.

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word of the week: 08.31.09


I’ve come across this word twice this week! It’s a word I don’t believe I’ve ever used, so it’s time to add it to my vocabulary, right!? Without further ado, I bring you the word of the week …

interstitial: [adj: in-ter-stishuhl]
Situated in, Relating to.

word of the week: 08.17.09


stagnant: [adj: stag-nuhnt]
Not running or flowing; stale as a result of not running or flowing; lack of advancement or development.

And something I’m not good at – from

laconic: [adj: luhkon-ik]
using few words; expressing much in few words; concise: a laconic reply.

bad memory?

I always have great intentions – I’ll take chicken, fish, or some other main course out of the freezer to thaw for the following night’s dinner … and then I’ll forget it was thawing and find it the next morning. Some things just don’t thaw fast enough in the fridge, you know. Sigh … by the next morning, it’s been out for too long and is no longer any good.

If this sounds like something you’ve been known to do, I’ll share with you my secret. Maybe it will work for you, and maybe it won’t.

I put my thawing whatever in the bathroom sink! I always wash my face and brush my teeth before going to bed, so I HAVE to look in the bathroom sink. Fortunately, it’s usually late enough that it’s been the perfect length of time for thawing!

There you have it –  your tip of the day. Have something creative you’d like to share? Please do! And if this works out for you, let me know that, too!

spandex lamb tube?

Will someone please tell me why this sheep (Forgive me, or is it a lamb? Nevermind, I just learned that a lamb is just a sheep under 12 months old!) is wearing a striped spandex suit??? I know there has to be a reason, and I’d feel much better knowing.


Okay, so I googled “why put spandex on a sheep” (My other word combinations didn’t generate any results.) and got to this … apparently it’s a lamb tube and it’s intended to keep them clean between showings? Is this correct?

And is it the same principle for the goats? Why don’t they get the cool spandex tubes? And why do some of them wear hoods?


I’d love to know – seriously! I wonder every year as we check out the animals at the fair and would love to know the answer.