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Baby I’m Amazed by You …

IMG_9091e1 We made the trip out to Pittsburgh and back yesterday for Justin’s cousin Jen’s wedding. Many congratulations and best wishes to Jen & Zeb as they begin their life together! The wedding was beautiful, and it was great to see family we don’t often get to see.

While a trip to Pittsburgh and back in one day is enough for two adults (It’s 3h30m each way without traffic and stops, so it usually ends up being between 4h and 4h30m.), it’s got to be even harder on a 2 1/2 month old. I didn’t know what to expect from Peanut on the trip. If I had to guess, I would have probably predicted fussiness in the car both ways and a happy, awake and alert girl at the wedding. I had NO idea she’d be SO incredibly good! She slept most of the way up. IMG_9097e1 We made one stop about midway, and she ate then. When we got to the church, she was a bit fussy, but nothing out of the ordinary. We had time to feed her, and she quickly settled. She was awesome through the ceremony (Not a peep!) and amazing during the reception. On the trip home, again she slept most of the way. When we got home around midnight, she ate and was fighting going to sleep. After half an hour or so, I got her to sleep and she slept until 5 am! I was worried that after all that sleeping she’d be awake through the night. Not so! It would have been tough on both Justin & I if she was going to give us a rough night; we were both up at 4:15 am that morning (No particular reason, just didn’t see the need to go back to sleep when we were leaving at 9:30 am.). Considering how good she was, though, we would have taken what she gave us.

IMG_9108e1 I really couldn’t believe it; she was incredible!

It wouldn’t be right to recount the trip without giving great credit to Cody, too. He lasted 14 and a half hours! Awesome!

All in all, it was a great trip. The wedding was great, the bride was gorgeous, and everything seemed just perfect! Again, congrats to the new couple; I wish you a life time of love and happiness!



IMG_6618 This post will be super short as today is going to be crazy, but I wanted to update on my quilt progress! I’ve decided to go with the rag quilt … for now. Once I get started, I can’t stop, so there’s a serious possibility that I’ll also be doing my first “real” quilt immediately following this one. Becky, thanks so much for the help, support, and tips on the books – I found them both on Amazon and am going to order them today! I’ll update with plenty of pics, and would love to see yours, too!

So last night, I got all but the flannel cut – yay! I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but the first rag quilt I did had regular batting in the squares cut to fit inside the fringe allowance (If I cut 7″ squares with a 1″ allowance on each side, the batting was 5″.). IMG_6625 For this quilt, I’m going to do brown fleece cut the same size as the squares for a bit more texture. I still haven’t decided if I’ll do one layer of flannel or two – I’m going to have to do a trial run to decide.

Anyway, I need to find 4 more fun fabrics and then I’m set! Turns out I’ll have 4 square “sets” (eight 7″ squares in 10 fabrics) left over from each fabric, too, so I’ll have plenty left for a few other matching projects – perhaps pillows or a few basket liners? We’ll see.

IMG_6623 On a separate note, I got home from work last night to find my husband working on the floor in girlfriend’s room! That’s the last room we have to do – so he had finished taking up the carpet and put the plywood down. I had no idea that’s how he’d planned to spend his day off, and I was psyched when I saw it! Wonder what kind of mischief he’ll get into today …

IMG_6613 Cody, on the other hand, apparently wanted nothing to do with the noise Justin was making inside. Little did I know, flurries were part of yesterday’s forecast (I had no idea anything was coming!), and what we got was a bit more than flurries. Just 40 miles south @ work, however, there was absolutely nothing. Cool. When I pulled up, Cody was outside napping in the snow. Gotta love huskies! You should’ve seen him when the temp was in the single digits – we couldn’t get him to come inside, and when we did, he’d cry to go back out! I guess I’d be hot in a “fur coat” all the time, too.

That’s all, folks … gotta go! Happy day to you!

the “dog mom” chronicles … the loving comedy in owning a siberian husky .:|:.~ part 4 ~.:|:.

I keep forgetting to write about this; how, I don’t know. It was one of the most amazing and hilarious things I’d ever seen.

IMG_6234 Our Four-Legged Houdini

Let me first begin with some background. I usually get home before Justin, and with a husky in the house, every day is an adventure. While he’s usually good, on days that we slack or he’s bored, we pay. If we leave the trash where he can get it, he has a field day. If he smells gum, it’s all over. And if he’s looking for something to do, he usually tries to eat a book or magazine. (Note to self: teach him to read.) Needless to say, walking into the house after being gone for 11-12 hours can be interesting.

IMG_6230 On this particular fall afternoon, I noticed something in the front room, but instead of checking it out as I normally do, I decided to take Cody out first. When I came back in, I couldn’t believe what I saw. In the middle of the area rug in our front living room was a bottle of cranberry juice. Scared yet? Don’t be; it’s amazing. The bottle was upright, and about 4 inches away was the lid. After further inspection, there was not a drop of cranberry juice on the floor, yet he’d managed to suck about 2 inches of juice from the bottle. Seriously! I had to think, because I was seriously afraid someone had done this as a trick or practical joke.

IMG_6235 Remember, not only did he manage to drag this ridiculously heavy bottle from the kitchen, he opened it and drank a good bit without spilling a drop. It’s one for the record books. I can only imagine the mess had the bottle tipped over!

This reminds me of another similar episode about 4 years ago. Justin and I had returned from our honeymoon and brought back a bottle of Jamaican rum for my sister who was about to turn 21. Guess who managed to put a hole in the cap on the bottle of rum to have a drink? Yep, that would be our lovely husky Cody!

good morning …

… and a good day it will be. I just got this picture from Justin:


Too cute! And now, there’s work to be done. Woohoo! Have a great day, and happy Monday everyone!

Wait! There’s more, just minutes later! Yes! He seems confused by the moving water … like it’s attacking him. Ha! That’s how he plays; like his tennis balls are going to jump up and bite him. I love it!


sunday randoms …

Random 1 …
I love the recently released Coldplay song, Viva La Vida.” I really don’t know why I love it so much. I’ve always liked Coldplay, and this time, I can’t get enough of this song. There’s something so “official” sounding about it. It’s serious, and makes me introspective. I like that. Sometimes.

Random 2 …
My friends, I have found my new snack of choice. On my way home from the “do it our way or hit the highway” institution, I stopped at Roots Market. Among other things, I bought a 1.5 lb. bag of Organic Raw Pepitas. While they’re awesome as they are, I wanted to roast them. Oh. My. Gosh. The taste and texture of those little roasted seeds are beyond words. I took a cup or so and coated them with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. They then went onto a foil-lined baking sheet and into the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. What emerged was total bliss. My next trials will include garlic powder, ranch dressing mix, and parmesan cheese – one at a time, of course! I can’t wait!

Random 3 …
The house is so quiet. No husband, no dog-son. I’ve been alone before, and typically love my days alone, but for some reason, I feel lost this time. Thinking about it, I can’t remember a time when Justin went away with Cody. He’s always here with me, and it’s his absence that has me feeling lonely. He doesn’t talk, but provides a comforting presence. I know, I’m crazy.

Random 4 …
I heard someone else use the word berm besides my husband. Yippee! How exciting! Chef Duff (of Charm City Cakes) on Ace of Cakes used the word berm when discussing a dirt biking Bar Mitzvah cake. Justin, I take back all of my criticisms of your use of the word berm; I’m sorry! NOTE: The definition of berm will also appear in this week’s word of the week entry.

Random 5 …
He did it! Our four-legged friend made his way into the ocean for the first time! Justin said Cody’s chasing the birds – big surprise. He’s always looking for a playmate – whether it be squirrels, birds, or the neighbor’s cats! The report – he’s going in up to his “elbows,” and that’s about it. Hey, he’s no retriever or spaniel, people … he’s a husky (And a wimpy one, at that!)!
cody_ocean cody_nc_rest

creative inspirations 2 …

Here’s are a few more of my recent favorites …

#1 … Cody’s headed to grandma & grandpa’s house for the weekend. He acts so cool in the truck, and gets so incredibly excited! Looks like he’s smiling back there, doesn’t it?

#2 … A sea robin we caught on the Bay. I can’t remember who caught it (Either Joe, Joey or Allyna), but it was AWESOME!

the big three five …

I know, I have some crazy tendencies. This Thursday, August 7th marked our dog-son’s 35th birthday … in dog years, that is. We’ve had him for 4 years, and though we don’t know his real birthday, we celebrate his adoption date like his birthday. We guess he was around 1 when we adopted him, so he’s somewhere around 5. As crazy as it might sound, I find it necessary to celebrate. He always gets presents, and of course, birthday cake … Frosty Paws!

Cody01I’m flashing back to adoption day 4 years ago. We bought our house just a month prior and were two and a half months from getting married. After dog-sitting my parent’s dog while they were in Florida, Daisy’s departure left me lonely and longing for a four-legged friend of my own. I knew I wanted a husky, though I don’t know why (My husband wanted a black lab …). Perhaps it the blue eyes and black and white markings. Or maybe their crazy personalities that in some ways reflects mine. I know it wasn’t the shedding – I had no idea it could be THIS bad. So I did some searching online and found several huskies at the Carroll County Humane Society. I immediately fell in love with Cody, a young black & white husky with bright blue eyes. He was very thin, but absolutely adorable. That Saturday, August 7th, we went to check out all the dogs they had. We walked through, and Cody was in the first cage on the left. He was the mouthiest of all, and little did we know, that’s how he always is! We asked to spend some time with him, and after hanging out for a bit, decided he was the one. We almost lost him twice. When the gal came back to get him so we could spend time with him, another family wanted to see him. Then, after we decided we wanted him, they needed proof of residence, which we did not bring with us. Luckily, it all worked out.

The years since then have been crazy. He was almost returned just weeks after we brought him home (“Justin, if he sh!ts in his cage and sits in it one more time, he’s going back.”), but he straightened up just in the knick of time. He’s consumed countless carbs, performed disappearing acts on numerous occasions, and has given us his fair share of trouble. But trust me, it’s all been SO worth it. He’s hilarious! Cody, here’s to you as we celebrate 4 years of fun!

So … I know I’m crazy, and I know that this could be considered a form of torture, but this is what the Frosty Paws feast looked like this year …

IMG_5154 IMG_5151 IMG_5148