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instagram photo a day project: #fmsphotoaday

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve never actually completed a photo challenge … and this month, I completed two! Here are the photos from my Instagram #fmsphotoaday challenge. I’m taking at least the month of March off from #fmsphotoaday to allow myself time to start a personal photo-a-day project with my “big girl” camera, but I’ll still be doing the #cmglimpse photo challenge on Instagram. If you want to join in on the #fmsphotoaday fun, you can find the prompts by following @fatmumslim on Instagram!

Want to join me in March? The #cmglimpse prompts are posted each Sunday by @clickinmoms, and don’t forget to follow me, @minski39, too!

2/1 Fork.
2/2 Pattern.
2/3 Something beginning with ‘E.’
2/1 Fork. #fmsphotoaday 2/2 Candy. #cmglimpse Pattern. #fmsphotoaday Killing 2 birds with one stone! 2/3 Something beginning with 'E.' Entertained by Elmo.

2/4 Hope.
2/5 Something you smelled.
2/6 Soft.

2/4 Hope. #fmsphotoaday For a dear friend.  And written with the pink Sharpie I'm guarding for her until she's better! 2/5 Something you smelled. #fmsphotoaday Popcorn! Totally disappointed in my previous pic, so consider this a replacement.  And as my daughter would say, "Pa-kern!" #food #popcorn #snack 2/6 Soft. #fmsphotoaday Love a baby's soft skin! #baby #softskin #sweetsmell #son

2/7 Your name.
2/8 Something orange.
2/9 Guilty pleasure.

2/7 Your name. #fmsphotoaday Or in this case, names. #name #yourname #me #aboutme #whoiam #thumbtack #black #mindy 2/8 Something orange. #fmsphotoaday Our 'love' cutout came yesterday; cannot wait to get it up on the photo wall! #photowall #love #inspiration #family #photo #orange #wood 2/9 Guilty pleasure. #fmsphotoaday It could be hot black coffee, iced coffee w/ Splenda and skim, a turkey sausage egg white flatbread, a donut, everything bagel with cream cheese, DD K-cups ... @dunkindonuts is my guilty pleasure!

2/10 3 o’clock.
2/11 Entrance.
2/12 Where you ate lunch.

2/10 3 o'clock. #fmsphotoaday Through glass. #cmglimpse Hello, DC! Through my car window on our way downtown. 2/11 Entrance. #fmsphotoaday 2/12 Where you ate lunch. #fmsphotoaday

2/13 Walking.
2/14 Love is …
2/15 Inside your fridge.

2/13 Walking. #fmsphotoaday 2/14 Love. #cmglimpse Love is ... #fmsphotoaday Love is silly, impromptu photos on Valentine's Day with these goons.  It's not "perfect," but I certainly won't forget the fun we had!  Besides, perfection is relative - they're perfect memories! #grateful 2/15 Inside your fridge. #fmsphotoaday And yes, that shelf really was that empty. Saturday is grocery day!

2/16 Perfect.
2/17 In your hand.
2/18 Something you don’t like.

1/16 Perfect. #fmsphotoaday Perfect, peaceful little guy. 2/17 In your hand. #fmsphotoaday Your LCD screen. #cmglimpse 2/18 Something you don't like. #fmsphotoaday Old man winter and his frigid temps (Though I am secretly longing for one good snow before spring!) ... birr! ⛄

2/19 I am …
2/20 Where I stood.
2/21 Full.

2/19 I am ... #fmsphotoaday ... a Fiesta collector! 2/20 Where I stood. #fmsphotoaday 2/21 Full. #fmsphotoaday

2/22 Makes you smile.
2/23 A word.
2/24 Cloud.

2/22 Makes you smile. #fmsphotoaday The little treasures I have throughout my office that serve as reminders of what's really important. 2/23 A word. #fmsphotoaday 2/24 Cloud. #fmsphotoaday One lonely little cloud ...

2/25 On your bedside table.
2/26 Quiet.
2/27 Playing.

2/25 On your bedside table. #fmsphotoaday 2/26 Quiet. #fmsphotoaday It's one of the only quiet times of the day - 5 am. #quiet #shower #home #family #lifewithaninfant #lifewithatoddler #shhhhh #Snapseed #squaready 2/27 Playing. #fmsphotoaday Think she (1) likes trains, and (2) has enough going on at once?

2/28 Upside down.

2/28 Upside down. #fmsphotoaday


monkey slippers …


Lil, while taking her socks off on a snowy Saturday morning …

L: “My feet are cold.”
Me: “Well when your feet are cold, you leave your socks on. That keeps them warm.”
L: “I’ll put your slippers on.”
Me: “Okay, that’ll keep your feet warm, too.”
L: “Sure will. We can share them, okay MaMum?”

And I melt into a puddle on the floor. I love this girl.


a girl and her dada …


There’s something so special between these two …

breakfast with hello kitty.

Last year we took Lil to a breakfast with Hello Kitty. She loved it, so we decided to go again this year. She now thinks that the venue that hosts the breakfast is Hello Kitty’s house. 🙂 Adorable? Yeah, I think so.

“Lily, do you want to go to breakfast at Hello Kitty’s house?”

IMG_4962.jpg IMG_4968.jpg

Waiting for Hello Kitty to wake up. (Translation: Waiting for the event to start.)


So. Much. Fun!



And did you know Hello Kitty can play air hockey? She can! (Though she lost this game …)



Making a Hello Kitty valentine …


just as crazy …

I’m fully convinced – my craziness is rubbing off on her! 🙂



mini rag quilt – done!

Black Friday shopping?




I’ve been waiting to finish up Kaden’s mini rag quilt for what feels like forever. Lucky for me, I found made the time yesterday! I’m guessing it probably took me 2 hours total to sew and cut, though I truly have no idea as between Kaden’s feedings and Lil’s needs the quilt took me all day.


Why a mini instead of a full rag quilt? While I really like the fabric, I wasn’t completely in love with it for a full quilt. When I find something I like for that purpose, I’ll make him a big quilt, as well. At the rate we’re going, he might have one by the time he’s 18! 😉


I’m so glad it’s done, and it looks like Kaden is, too!


take your poppy to work day.

Oh, the innocence.

Lily: “MaMum, you can take Poppy to work with you ichuwant.”

Me: “Okay, put Poppy in my bag and I’ll take her with me today! She’ll have fun at work with me!”

And in my work bag Poppy went. She’s had a big day, to say the least.

She started out in my office …


… working from both the ball and at my standing desk. She updated appointments, reminders and due dates in my planner for me, and even managed to find time to take a nap in my chair!

From there, she made her way around the office …


… working in various offices, waiting around for some water cooler talk (It never came, in case you were wondering.), and checking out what was happening in the yard out back. She sent some faxes, replied to a few emails, and answered a few phone calls for my colleagues in need of help. Poppy even managed to grab a lollipop from the office next door!

The next time “Take Your Poppy to Work Day” comes around, I’m sure she’ll be ready to go!

Note: No stuffed animals were harmed in the creation of this blog post.