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it’s a basket … no, it’s a cart …

Help me – what exactly is this thing??? I saw someone with one on my first trip to a Giant a few weeks back. This time, I was able to find one in use. It’s fascinating!


Ironically enough, this store also has the mini-carts, but no regular sized baskets to carry. Seems to me that it fits a need that isn’t really there – but they sure do look neat!

(Yep, so I’m the fool walking around the store with 10 items in my arms because I refuse to drag one of these along. Right now I’m hanging my head in shame and embarrassment.)


excel: conditional formatting

This would be me giving to you. Though it’s only a small piece of probably not-so-useful information, it’s sharing nonetheless. So Happy New Year, okay?

I love learning new things, and I especially like learning things that work for me and make my life easier. Such a thing happened this morning, and it was a beautiful moment. (Okay, maybe that’s just a bit over the top, but it was still fun!)

While I don’t live in Excel and am much more a graphics/creative type gal, I do have great appreciation for a well-designed spreadsheet or two. This morning, I was on a mission to get my spreadsheet working for me – you know, alerting me when things are different.

If you’re at all into “IF” statements in Excel, you know how much they rock. I wanted an “IF” statement that changed the font color when the value fell below zero … but that wasn’t meant to be through the use of an “IF” statement. A quick google search led me to the “Conditional Formatting …” option under the “Format” menu. Awesome! Here, you can set up several different conditions and resulting changes in the cell color, font formatting, and cell border. Awesome!

I ended up using two conditions – one that changed the font to red if the cell value dipped below zero, and a second that turned the cell orange with a white font if a value was missing.

Try it out – okay, not just for fun (Because it’s really not that fun.), but if you have the need! Get your work working for you!

details 01.

Remember this? I was promising to get “lost in the details.” I got my start, now I just have to finish out the month. See what I meant? This month, my camera and I are picking up the details – the small things that often go unnoticed.

Know this guy? He’s been painted on a crab shell and given to us by a dear friend. I love his details – the brush strokes, the glitter, and the hand-drawn nature of his eyes.


One of the toys Lily plays with in her high chair. For some reason, I always look at his eyes. Silly, I know. But they’re sweet!


Know what this is? It’s my crescent roll! I love the detail my lens picked up.


More “details” to come!

The Strong Life Test for Women

As you may know, I have a book review coming on Monday, October 5th on Marcus Buckingham’s book, Find Your Strongest Life. While I’ll hold my review until then, I want to share with you this awesome tool that is a companion to the book: The Strong Life Test for Women. If you’re at all interested in finding out more about yourself, please take a couple of minutes to take this quiz …

[clearspring_widget title=”The Strong Life Test for Women” wid=”4a6e274b799f5199″ pid=”4ac0f4c78a8953b7″ width=”200″ height=”450″ domain=””]

Honestly, it was dead on for me. The nine possible roles are: Advisor, Caretaker, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Motivator, Pioneer, Teacher, Weaver. For those of you who know me, what do you think of my results? I was:

My Lead Role: Advisor

You begin by asking:
‘What is the best thing to do?’

Your thrill comes from knowing that you are the person others turn to for the answer. You don’t necessarily want to be the person who actually makes the changes happen. Rather, what excites you is being valued by others for your insight and your judgment.

Your best quality:
Your ability to find a solution

Search for data to support your advice

Be careful you:
Don’t get frustrated by other people’s failings

Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to be opinionated

My Supporting Role: Influencer

You begin by asking:
‘How can I move you to act?’

In virtually every situation, your eye goes to the outcome.

Your best quality:
Your ability to outwit others

Keep your eye on the specific outcome you want

Be careful you:
Don’t waste your time with people who can’t make things happen

Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to persuade others to act

As I took the quiz, I found that there were a few questions where I was 50/50 on two responses. Curious, I went back and took the quiz again with the second option, and guess what? My lead role was the same – Advisor! The only change was in my supporting role, which the second time around became …

Your Supporting Role: Caretaker

You begin by asking:
‘Is everyone okay?’

You are acutely aware of everyone else’s emotional state, particularly if you sense they are feeling hurt or slighted. You are instinctively inclusive, always looking for ways to draw others into the circle and make them feel wanted, heard, and appreciated.

Your best quality:
Your open heart

Be willing to ask people for favors in return

Be careful you:
Don’t get so consumed with other people’s feelings that you forget your own

Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid either to play on a team or lead the team.

If you take the quiz (You should! Either here or there …), share your results in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you think and if your roles match your personality and lifestyle.

Don’t forget to check back on October 5th for my review of Find Your Strongest Life! Just a little sneaky heads up … I LOVE the book so far!

spandex lamb tube?

Will someone please tell me why this sheep (Forgive me, or is it a lamb? Nevermind, I just learned that a lamb is just a sheep under 12 months old!) is wearing a striped spandex suit??? I know there has to be a reason, and I’d feel much better knowing.


Okay, so I googled “why put spandex on a sheep” (My other word combinations didn’t generate any results.) and got to this … apparently it’s a lamb tube and it’s intended to keep them clean between showings? Is this correct?

And is it the same principle for the goats? Why don’t they get the cool spandex tubes? And why do some of them wear hoods?


I’d love to know – seriously! I wonder every year as we check out the animals at the fair and would love to know the answer.

great search terms …

From time to time, I like to check out my blog stats, and I get great pleasure out of looking at search terms people used that led them to my blog. Seriously, some of these are fantastic! Let’s take a look at highlights from the past quarter …

  • “$160 speeding fine mva” … Sorry about that! I hope you were as lucky as I was. Remember this?
  • “why some people faces are long and dip o” … Huh?
  • “orange flakey bumps on baby’s head” … Oh my, that does NOT sound good! I’d recommend calling your pediatrician about that one.
  • “the end of overeating” … Man, I wish I could convince myself of this one! If you figured that out, let me know what you did!
  • “nilla wafer chicken nuggets recipe” … No offense, but that sounds nasty. Then again, I eat BLT soup like it’s going out of style and that grosses most people out. Guess I shouldn’t talk.
  • “hate depression sloth quiz” … I’m confused.
  • “contractions worse when sitting” … Yes, they were, sister! But, as I later learned, those contractions were NOTHING compared to the last hour of birth … without drugs! Oh yeah, now that’s the worst, my friend! I must be crazy. Seriously.
  • “world’s most amazing birth stories” … You will not find that here; sorry.
  • “orange spots on neck area” … Too many carrots or oranges? Again, call a doctor. I can’t help ya with that one.
  • “bubble names” … Hmmm, I’m stumped.

Some of these are fantastic! Keep ’em coming; I love trying to figure people out; it’s great fun!

more on PUL …

I’m back again, and still on the subject of purchasing PUL, or polyurethane laminated fabric. I’ve found several sites for purchasing PUL and thought I’d share them with you. Here’s what I’ve got so far, and if you know of others, please let me know and I’ll post them!

Again, and as mentioned in my original PUL post, I have not ordered from any of these websites, so shop at your own risk, please!