letters to our sons: october ’13

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear,

How does time pass so quickly? How do you go from a tiny little baby to a young boy in what seems like the blink of an eye? I love it, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, it’s so sad.

10oct kaden_blog_01

You’re becoming so much more fun everyday. The mornings when you sit in your high chair, eating your Cheerios and chirping your sister’s name. The times when you just want to be held and reach up, crying “mama.” Your crawl, which you do far faster than you’ll walk – you know, whenever you decide to do that! I guess you’re smart and have already figured that out, though! 😉

10oct kaden_blog_04

My favorite, though, is when you bury your face in my thigh and let me rub your head. “Awwwww, Kaden!” Your snuggly nature melts my heart – it’s something I just didn’t get from your sister, and believe me … I’m cherishing every moment!

10oct kaden_blog_02

Will next month’s letter be the one in which I talk about you learning to walk? Only time will tell! Walking or not, I know that the month ahead of us holds so much fun and adventure – from your second trip to the pumpkin patch to your first Halloween in Brum Brum & P-Pa’s neighborhood. Little man, we’re going to have a blast together!

10oct kaden_blog_03

All my love,
MaMum (If you call me what your sister does!)

And with that, please continue on in our blog circle and read the next letter – visit Anna of {annaM}photography!!!


9 responses to “letters to our sons: october ’13

  1. I love snuggles! Best part of my day. He’s such a cutie, Mindy!

  2. I love snuggles! He’s such a cutie, Mindy!

  3. I love the sad, pleading picture where he looking up at you, precious. Very sweet boy.

  4. I love the pleading, sad picture of him looking up at you. Sweet boy!

  5. Love snuggly ones! That image of him looking up with the floor in the background is awesome!

  6. what a cutie pie!!!!

  7. deirdreokeating

    Such classic images—I miss those familiar sights from when my boys were young!

  8. such a sweet letter, I love your photos just adorable

  9. Your photos are beautiful Mindy! He is precious. These milestones do pass quickly, it is so great that you are capturing them with these letters!

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