letters to our daughters: september ’13

I’m not going to deny it.


I worried.


Just like any other mama would, I wondered if you’d make friends. I wondered how you would manage to nap in a new place, with new surroundings and a new routine. I wondered what you’d do if you dropped yogurt on your lap, needed your nose wiped, or had to go potty.

Yes, I wondered about each and every one of those things. And then some.


And you know what?


You were more than fine on your first day of preschool.

“Did Lily have a good first day of school? She was saying ‘hi’ to everyone in our class!”
“Sorry for sending her home so messy last Friday – she plays with the boys in the sandbox. It’s funny to look over and see one girl among all the boys! She even bosses them around!”


Yep, you’re just fine.


You tell us about the music you and your friends sing to before naptime.
You tell us, though sometimes reluctantly, what you had for snack.
You tell us what you did on the playground that day.
You were sure to tell us about the girl with the My Little Pony shoes. Don’t worry, little one. We haven’t forgotten, we just can’t find them.
You want to take stickers to school to share with a friend.
Best of all, though, is when you tell us how happy you are to see us. Because believe me, I’m so happy to see you, too.


May no one ever take the wind out of your sails, my happy one. I hope this year is full of learning, exploration, and discovery. I hope you learn about not only numbers and letters and words, but also about yourself. Just know one thing – Dada and I will be with you every step of the way. Always.


I love you so, so much.

Want to read another sweet letter? Visit the fabulous Kristin Gourley – she’s got a daughter with both an older and younger brother!


2 responses to “letters to our daughters: september ’13

  1. the first year of school is filled with so many mixed emotions

  2. Love the shot with her dirty face and those beautiful baby blues! My little went to school too and as much as I worry she loved it!

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