letters to our sons: august ’13

Little Man/Kaden K/Brother Bear,


My sweet, happy soul. You’ve changed so much over the past month, and I’ve loved every second of it. You started out the month waking twice a night. I went to work on a Thursday morning and declared war – that very next night, I was to begin sleep boot camp with you. I told my colleagues that I’d do once a night, but I was done with twice a night.


And what happened? That night, the night before we were to begin sleep training, you only woke up once that night! Much to our surprise, you continued that for 5 more nights.

Then suddenly – oh yes – you started sleeping through the night! It was fabulous and beyond our wildest dreams (Literally? Maybe!) …

… until it ended just short of a week later.

Yep, you’re back to once a night, but honestly, I’m okay with that. Your sister didn’t sleep through the night until she was one, so I’ve just accepted that as the norm for our little family. It’s just what works for us, and that’s okay with me!

You’re standing like a champ – sometimes without holding on. You’re getting brave, little one! You’re walking around furniture without a problem, and we’re waiting for the day when you let go and just take off. For some reason, I don’t think you’ll have a terribly long transition to walking. You’re just determined like that.

Your favorite toys right now? That purple ball (Yep, the one I popped on the rose bush a few nights ago. Whoops.), your sister’s pink Crocs (Ick! We’re always taking these from you!), your sister’s My Little Pony characters (Ha ha!), and anything with wheels. Those My Little Pony hooves are the perfect size for chewing!


We also gave you your first haircut just about a month ago. You hated every second of it, and what’s really sad is that you’re about due for another trim! While I did think of growing your hair long, I so love you with a short little cut. You look even more like my little man!


I’m so glad you’re mine. Your sister broke my heart so many times, but you? You’re all mine. You look to me for comfort, for a snuggle, and for reassurance, and honestly, I’m soaking in every second of it.

There aren’t words for how much I love you, my little man. I hope the next month is so much fun for you. I know one thing for sure – it will be for me!

All my love,
MaMum (If you call me what your sister does!)

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11 responses to “letters to our sons: august ’13

  1. I do not miss those sleepless nights one bit. Such an adorable little guy you have! My favorite is the one where it looks like he’s blowing raspberries. Too cute!

    • Thanks so much, Jacqui! It’s pretty sad that I was excited to go from twice a night to once a night! It doesn’t bother me so much … now that we’re beyond that newborn stage! 😉

  2. Those eyes! He’s adorable 🙂

  3. What a cutie Mindy! I remember those sleepless nights ugh! Great letter and wonderful photos!

  4. What a sweet letter, full of details that will help bring it all back some day!

  5. Oh, those eyes! These are great photos! Hang in there with the sleep training. Hope he continues with the just once a night deal. Some sweet moments happen in those midnight wakeups though. Cherish every bit! 🙂

    • Thanks, Katie! I hope so, too! That or sleeping through the night is just fine with me! I know what you mean – sometimes I just love snuggling him in the middle of the night … they’re just so daggone sweet at this age!

  6. chrissysandiferphotography

    Great photos! They really get big so fast, love that he will have this and more letters to look back on and see what you as a mother were thinking when he was young and changing everyday!

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