project 365 … 3/4 – 3/10, days 4-10.

3/4 (day 4) | Routine.
So much of our morning is routine, and this is no exception. After making our bed, I always lay out little man’s changing mat and clothes for the day. If my husband has a few extra minutes, he can get our little guy dressed, and if not, I’m ready to go, as well!

3/5 (day 5) | Laughter.
This girl has such an amazing spirit, and is often found doing just this … laughing!

3/6 (day 6) | Snow day!
We were promised one last winter storm on this particular Wednesday, which actually would have been our first and only significant snowfall … but it never came. Forecasts for our area ranged from 8-18″, but what we got turned out to be 6″ midday which later turned into 3″ when the rain came. At any rate, we were expecting the snow to hit midday, so we were home! Not only did we get a lot accomplished around the house, but we had a blast, too! More on our snow day to come!

3/7 (day 7) | Collection.
I’ve been collecting Fiestaware since I was a teen. Love it!

3/8 (day 8) | What mom?
That look …

3/9 (day 9) | Blowing bubbles.
She so loves this Hello Kitty bubble maker.

3/10 (day 10) | Learning to sit up.
He’s getting there!

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