these days: environment.

My sweet girl. You’ve grown so much, yet remain so little. I thought it would feel different to watch you grow. That I’d see distinct phases of development. Instead, it all flows together – small milestones along the way that mark larger milestones when I look back in time.

I love listening to you talk. I treasure our conversations and wish I could capture each and every one of them. These days, you’re noticing things in your environment – things I didn’t even know you knew about.

  • You’ll comment on the frost covering the ground and how Mr. Sunshine will come out and make it go away.
  • You see dark clouds and think it’s going to storm. Many times, you are absolutely right.
  • You notice when it’s getting dark, recognizing that when it gets dark, it’s time to get our “jams” on.
  • You tell us when your toes are cold.
  • When we ask you to turn the sound down on the iPad, you listen.
  • You want to know what we’re doing each day.
  • One of my latest favorites is, “MaMum, whatchu making for dinner?” Oh. My. Heavens. That melts my heart. Most of the time, you’ll ask to help me. No, you’ll tell me you’ll help me. “I’ll help you, MaMum. Pick me up? I can mix it for you!” And usually, you do.
  • This morning as your brother was crying inconsolably, you said, “Maybe my brother wants to go to Lucy’s.” You’re right, sweetie – maybe he did.
  • Good grief, do you ever love to make “pa-kern.”
  • “MaMum, I tell you something in your ear.”
  • You laugh when Dada drives the truck. “That’s silly!”
  • You’re letting Huck around you more and more. You used to immediately reprimand him when he even came near “Tags,” your sleeping bag, your Hello Kitty pillow. And he was never allowed on these things. Now he often lounges on the couch cushion next to you, right on your sleeping bag or pillow, and you don’t say a word.  Of course there are the times you want your things to yourself, and you don’t hold back in saying, “Huck, get DOWN! Get down, Huckie Baby!” It’s hilarious!
  • You’re so into macaroni and cheese, and are quite specific in which type you want – pumpkins, Madagascar, etc.
  • The radio in the bathroom has to be turned off. I need to turn the fan on. It’s not bright enough, so we need to open the curtains or blinds. The television is “too loud for me.” You’re quite specific these days about what’s happening around you and just how you want it to be.

I simply love watching you grow, little Lily. You’re becoming a beautiful little girl inside and out, and I’m so incredibly proud to call you mine. Your MaMum loves you more than you’ll ever know.


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