happy halloween!

Untitled To hear her shout, “Trick or treat!,” “Happy Halloween!,” and “Thank you!” made it all worth it.

I didn’t want to take them out for Halloween this year. I’ve been in a funk since Saturday, and the cabin fever that was a direct result of hurricane Sandy certainly didn’t help. I hadn’t prepared costumes. Hadn’t figured where we would go. Had made no plans.

But then mom guilt set in. I had to take them out for trick or treating. She’s at such a fun age, and it’s his first Halloween, for Pete’s sake. IMG_2736_e1 What I needed to do was snap out of my funk.

It was cold, and to take a 5 week old baby out just didn’t seem right – though I would have if it had been the only option. We could have gone to a few houses in the in-laws’ neighborhood and we would have been just fine. However, inspiration struck around 4:45 pm, and after checking online, I found that one of our local malls was having an indoor trick-or-treat, one that had been re-scheduled due to Sandy.

She had the dress she wore in my sister’s wedding just two months ago. Easy princess. And he had skeleton pajamas. Done!

Off we went – and I’m so glad we did. She was so into it, fearlessly chirping Halloween phrases without prompting from MaMum or Dada. IMG_2730_e1 And we only needed to remind her of “Thank you” from time to time. He collected a few comments here and there as I walked around the mall feeding him a tasty Halloween bottle (Yeah, right!).

They rode one of the cars in the middle of the mall. She wanted to play at the in-mall playground, but we were able to divert. She chose a lollipop over a cookie at the Toll House store. (Thankfully they gave a mini cookie to mom!) Seriously, who does that? We saw more than one DJ Lance, several fairies, and Woody from Toy Story. We laughed over the hideous Pittsburgh Steelers throwback jersey for sale in the sporting goods store (Go Stillers, but seriously, the bumble bee looking uniforms are horrible!!!) We were warm and so happy together.

The candy doesn’t much matter to her, and I like it that way. Next year will probably be oh so different. But for now, I’ll savor this simple season in her life.

We had fun – and I’m so glad the mom guilt won. These memories are priceless.


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