strawberry soup …

Strawberry Soup That’s Strawberry Soup … or so she says. “Just eat it with the spoon, MaMum.”

It’s delicious … or so I say.

These are life’s moments – the simple things that I don’t want to forget. Bath time with her is precious. She loves her ducks – the ones we’ll replace tomorrow, as tonight’s were icky inside and went in the trash. Her fish have specific spots on the side of the bath. The bubbles from her hair have always gone into two or three cups until now. Now, they go on her hands and arms – but not on her Toy Story alien tattoo. Tonight I made funny faces and she laughed so hard she got hiccups. That’s a new one, too.

She serves up lunch and dinner – sometimes she has the chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza, and ice cream I request. She never has stink bug soup. “That’s gross, MaMum.” Right. Often times, she’s out of water, milk, lemonade and iced tea.

And that’s okay.

I’ll eat or drink anything from her kitchen as long as she keeps serving me. Tonight, I’ll eat Strawberry Soup with a spoon and drink the Carrot Soup she mixed up. And they’ll both be delicious.

These are life’s moments – the things I’ll forget if I don’t record them now.

So when I ask if she’s ready to get out, I don’t really mean it. I sit on the warm black granite floor hoping she’ll say no so I can tell her ‘One more time, okay?’

That’s all I really want – a million more ‘one more times’ just like this one.


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