Monthly Archives: September 2012

baby k …

The problem was born at my appointment on Thursday, August 30th. That was, you see, when I was told by my midwife that she didn’t think Baby K would continue to bake until my sister’s wedding on Friday, September 7th. “I’m on call this weekend!,” she told me. Yikes. The thought of missing my baby sister’s wedding did more than just break my heart, and I did everything in my power to avoid going into labor. Did it work?

Well, fast forward exactly 3 weeks – today. Guess what? I’m still pregnant! Is that an issue? No, not necessarily. Absolutely not. My due date isn’t until this Sunday, September 23rd, so there’s really no reason to expect Baby K to have already arrived.

But …

… when you’re told that you likely won’t make it to 9/7, to still be baking this bun in the oven as of 9/20 is a little frustrating. Had “early” never entered my head, I’d be 100% fine. Lil arrived 5 days early and I wasn’t anticipating her arrival; in fact, I had prepared myself for a late arrival with her, because first babies are often late, so in my mind, she was a week and 5 days early. I probably would have done the same with this guy had “early” never been a thought.

I’ve had a lot of heartache over the past week or so waiting for Baby K’s arrival. I’ve taken every subtle change as “a sign.” In the past couple of days though, while I haven’t 100% gotten over the fact that he’s still not here, I’ve settled down a bit. I know he’ll come when he’s ready, and it’s simple – he’s just not ready yet. And he’s certainly not late yet either (Though his time is running out on that one with just 3 days to go!), so it’s only right that I give him a break.

But really dude, anytime would be just fine with us! We are so ready to meet you and welcome you into this big (and often scary) world!!!