Monthly Archives: May 2012

1,000 gifts … 151-200

Rolling right along! Gifts 151-200 are done and can be found here! Some of my favorites:

155. Hearing from a good friend!
166. Knowing I am strong enough to do this. Because I AM strong enough to do this. I am.
170. Bagel chips from BB’s Bagels. You just have no idea until you’ve tried them. And their sandwiches, bagels, fresh cream cheese …
174. The biggest blessing of all … a change that allows a spot for us!!!
180. The envelope holds both boy and girl now, but not for long! 5/11/12!!!
183. “I picked these for you, MaMum!”
187. Country love … unmarked pavement.
198. This morning’s breakfast date with my 2 year, 357 day old girl. Love to surprise her every once in a while!