“can you share with me?”

Lil: “Hi Lauren.”
Lauren: “Hi Lily.”
Lil: (pointing to Lauren’s mint green Peeps) “What’s that?”
Lauren: “They’re Peeps.” (looks at me) “Can she have one?”
Me: “She sure can; thank you for asking! She needs to eat her lunch first, though. Sound good?”
Lauren: “Yep! She can have a row, and I can have a row.”
Me: “You are too sweet! Lily, can you eat your lunch, please?”
Lil: “Okay!”
(eats for a minute or so, the comes back)
Lil: (looking up at Lauren) “Can you share with me?”

My heart melted a thousand times over. Our little girl, just a month shy of 3 years old, is growing up.

Over the past month or so, she’s started initiating conversations of her own. Up until now, she’s provided her own thoughts (“See the moon, MaMum?” and other types of things.), and she’s also been holding a good conversation, but on a topic of our our choosing. Now she’s looking for conversation on her terms, and holding a much more structured conversation. Much more than a simple thought, these are more in-depth conversations. She’s processing and responding.

Yet in some ways, she’s still so little. Like when she says, “I can’t want/like ___” instead of “I don’t want/like ___.”

If I could box up the innocence and keep it forever, I would. She’s just so precious right now. All moments I don’t ever want to forget.

2 responses to ““can you share with me?”

  1. How adorable! I’m almost going to be sad when I start hearing my toddler speak properly. He used to say “To going grandma’s house” instead of “Going to grandma’s house,” and now that he says it properly, I think, “Where is my little boy???” lol

    • How cute! I have to say that I agree completely. It’s so sweet when they get it right, but it’s like they are leaving a little piece of their childhood history behind.

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