Monthly Archives: March 2012

our time.

It might sound strange, but I think some of our best times are had on MaMum and Dada’s bed. It’s one of the rooms in which we spend a lot of time. This is not necessarily by choice, but our laundry area is in the closet in our room, and it’s the most convenient room downstairs to get Lil ready for bed, as well.

Last night held one of those amazing times. She likes to jump on our bed, hide behind the pillows, get under the covers, have “tea & cookies,” and just be silly. She took her cards with her – two packs – and we went through a few shapes and colors. We pretended like we were sleeping. There was tickling. Eh, there’s always tickling! And when I pretended to fall asleep, she’d wake me up by touching her nose to mine. The laugh that came from that 27-ish lb. little girl was too much for my heart. “MaMum, wake up! Wake up, MaMum!” I wish I could capture her spirit.

What’s better is that I pretended to fall asleep after I woke her up this morning. How did she wake me up? By touching her nose to mine. And did my heart ever melt.

I don’t want to forget these times; the memories are far to precious to leave behind.


mom moment: breakfast.

Got Lil up and dressed this morning. We went into the kitchen to take her medicine (She had an ear infection, so we’re finishing up antibiotics.) and choose breakfast. I asked the usual …

Me: “Do you want Honey Nut Cheerios?”
Lil: “Nope.”
Me: “Do you want some Reese’s Puffs?”
Lil: “Nope.”
Me: “How about some eggs?”
Lil: “No eggs.”

She then opened the refrigerator and looked around (Opening the refrigerator is her new ‘thing.’).

Lil: “I can’t find something.”
Me: “Well how about some Honey Nut Cheerios?”
Lil: “No Honey Nut Cheerios. How about some corns?” (corns = corn)
Me: “How about Honey Nut Cheerios? You had corns for dinner and you have corns packed in your lunch today.”
Lil: “Hmmm, okay!”

Oh. My. Gosh. The girl kills me sometimes.