I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately about how things are different …

  • About how I hardly ever do a load of laundry by myself. You’re always there to put the clothes in the washer, watch me pour the detergent, and to pour the OxiClean and Unstopables in for me. And I know I can’t push even one button on the washer or dryer because “YiYee do it.” You always seem to come running when it’s time to put the clothes in the dryer, too. I love that you always tell me that they’re cold and heavy.
  • About how differently you play. We went to the park today for the first time since October (I know this because you weren’t using the potty yet … but you are for sure, now!). You’re much more confident, and also much more curious. And your feet can finally use the pedals on your bike! (P.S. – You wore your helmet for the first time, too! You fought a little bit the first time, but we didn’t even get a peep from you the second time!)
  • About how often I cook with you – whether you’re sitting on the counter just watching, standing on your step stool trying to get into something you shouldn’t, peeking through the oven window, or getting messy by helping me pour, stir, and roll. I love these times together.
  • About just how grown up you’ve become. Our conversations are just that – conversations. You’ll tell me things you’ve done at “Ms. Lucy’s” when I ask, but you’ll also recount memories from days prior that even I don’t remember. You’ll point out how things are similar. And just yesterday, you walked outside and noticed the amazing sunrise. You turned to me and said, “See pink, MaMum?” Just so you know, my heart melted right then and there. What you shared with me that morning was so much more than just a sunrise.

As each phase comes and goes, I always think it can’t get any better than this.

Yet somehow, it always does.


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