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1,000 gifts … 51-100

Gifts 51-100 are done and can be found here! Some of my favorites:

61. The word ‘fabulous.’
65. Dreams. The awake kind when you think about who you want to be when you grow up … even though you’re 31 years old.
70. A great feeling workout, whether it be at the gym, some Just Dance Kids dancing with my daughter, or both!!!
88. JUS


1,000 gifts … 1-50

Update: So I’ve decided to use a separate site to house my 1,000 gifts posts. I’ll leave 1-50 here, and in the future, I’ll just post a link (and maybe a sneak peek) when each set of 50 is up. My 1,000 gifts …

This year, I’ll count 1,000 (and hopefully many more) gifts, or blessings, in my life. Some may be silly, some more serious, and probably most right in-between. I’ll fill you in on it a little more later, but for now, here are the first 50.

1. The health of my family.
2. The playdate that shouldn’t have been. We were supposed to be visiting a wedding venue with my sister, her fiancee, and the rest of my family yesterday. When the stomach bug hit Lil through the night on Saturday, we were forced to stay home. We ended up having a fabulous day in – playing choo-choo, watching Shrek, making macaroni & cheese, and just being.
3. The fun in “just for practice for the party that’s 4 months away” cake making. I have a few improvements I’ll make on our next “practice” cake, but it was a start that left me feeling fairly confident.
Trial 1.
4. Good relationships with my sisters.
5. Pandora radio.
6. A 60+ degree Saturday in January. We had an amazing time at the park, which leads me to number 7.
7. A growing little girl. She can now ride her bike!
8. Time-outs.
9. My ability to listen. Just listen.
10. A little 2-year-old girl curled up in my lap, watching Dada paint the new back door.
11. Inspirational bloggers.
12. Motivation and dedication.
13. Driving a bit further just to say, “hello.”
14. Coffee.
15. A warm home.
16. The reflection that accompanies packing up the Nativity this year.
17. Little kisses.
18. The promise of our first “Bucket List” trip.
19. The 2011 Family Gift, which is much more of a blessing than anything money can buy.
20. The light in Lily’s eyes as I show her the Steelers hoodie she’ll wear the day after their loss to the Broncos. We’re no fair weather fans, thank you very much.
21. Great crock pot recipes.
22. Memories in print.
23. Starting an inspirational book.
24. Colleagues who are incredibly real.
25. Pinterest for inspiration.
26. A large, currently blank wall.
27. That tiny cross that still needs a home in our home.
28. Beginning to craft invites 4 months in advance.
29. My kitchen assistant, who happily pours, mixes, and measures.
30. Finding something you’d forgotten you had.
31. Color.
32. Being able to come to work on Monday (also known as avoiding the stomach bug).
33. FaceTime.
34. My uber-handy husband. There’s nothing he can’t do, and I’m more grateful than he will ever know.
35. A beautiful sunrise.
36. The eyes of a little girl who noticed the beautiful sunrise a few mornings ago.
37. The times I actually listen to my inner voice.
38. Supportive and loving parents.
39. A gym at work.
40. A song that reminds me of who I am and where I came from.
41. A comment or like on a blog post.
42. A song and coaster this morning that take me back to that place that brought me here.
43. A note from a friend.
44. Checklists.
45. The ability to plan months in advance for things I truly enjoy.
46. A tin roof at the office. That sound puts me in a happy place every single time.
47. Comfy slippers.
48. My standing desk. I love this thing!
For my first 1,000 gifts post ... my standing desk.
49. Thriving plants that survived a tumble across the car.
50. Handwritten things. Just a little handwritten note can mean so much.


I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately about how things are different …

  • About how I hardly ever do a load of laundry by myself. You’re always there to put the clothes in the washer, watch me pour the detergent, and to pour the OxiClean and Unstopables in for me. And I know I can’t push even one button on the washer or dryer because “YiYee do it.” You always seem to come running when it’s time to put the clothes in the dryer, too. I love that you always tell me that they’re cold and heavy.
  • About how differently you play. We went to the park today for the first time since October (I know this because you weren’t using the potty yet … but you are for sure, now!). You’re much more confident, and also much more curious. And your feet can finally use the pedals on your bike! (P.S. – You wore your helmet for the first time, too! You fought a little bit the first time, but we didn’t even get a peep from you the second time!)
  • About how often I cook with you – whether you’re sitting on the counter just watching, standing on your step stool trying to get into something you shouldn’t, peeking through the oven window, or getting messy by helping me pour, stir, and roll. I love these times together.
  • About just how grown up you’ve become. Our conversations are just that – conversations. You’ll tell me things you’ve done at “Ms. Lucy’s” when I ask, but you’ll also recount memories from days prior that even I don’t remember. You’ll point out how things are similar. And just yesterday, you walked outside and noticed the amazing sunrise. You turned to me and said, “See pink, MaMum?” Just so you know, my heart melted right then and there. What you shared with me that morning was so much more than just a sunrise.

As each phase comes and goes, I always think it can’t get any better than this.

Yet somehow, it always does.

lil’s pics …

My Dada & MaMum got me one of those boring kid-friendly cameras for my birthday – it’s a whopping 1.3 megapixels. Thrilling!

Curious about what life looks like through my 2-year-old eyes? Wonder no more! Here are some of my best shots of 2011 …

My life … it’s all castles, rainbows, and pink skies.


My self-portrait, peeps.


My pink Christmas tree. With Steelers ornaments.


This is my MaMum and my dog. I had to dress MaMum up with a flower necklace – she was lookin’ a little rough.


MaMum and Blue Bear. They’re silly!


A girl can dream, right? Check out these glasses!


My Dada’s choo-choo on the shelf. I love choo-choos.


Dada’s driving somewhere. Look at his shirt – think it was Labor Day, 4th of July, or Memorial Day? His seat needed some pizzazz.


Um, I think this is my MaMum on the potty! That’s funny!


My view – through the sunroof. I think.


Dada shaving!


MaMum’s crazy shoes at my party.


My cousin … I gave him a crazy hat! ❤ I think he’s eating a strawberry. Mmm …


Watch for more of my amazing photography in 2012!!!