2011 …

2011 was an interesting year …

We learned a lot about our limits, our comfort zone, and just how much we can handle. I learned a lot about myself in the process. I also learned a lot about my husband, which makes me love him even more.

We watched Lil grow – from a few words at the start of the year to full conversations at the end of the year. Her personality has grown, too. We also said goodbye to diapers and “ma pa” (pacifier) and got her ears pierced! She loved Shrek, Buzz Lightyear, and most recently, Hello Kitty. She also had a health scare of her own that ended up being absolutely nothing – thankfully!!!

We cried when friends lost their lives.

We prayed when we heard bad news about the health of family members and struggled to help the ones we love.

We celebrated – new babies, weddings, birthdays, a new job, an engagement.

We worried about our future, then celebrated when things didn’t only work out, but seemed to fit just right. The lesson learned? Follow your heart. Things will work out, and money can’t buy happiness.

We watched as wonder and amazement filled our daughter’s eyes. I won’t forget the excitement I saw in Lil as Plex, Muno, Toodie, Foofa and Brobie danced onto stage. I thought that little 2-year-old was going to burst with excitement.

We cut up part of the hardwood floor we put in 7 years ago and put up a new fence.

We started projects we didn’t finish (which is the story of my life …).

We grew as a family, and I think that’s the most exciting one of all.

I know 2012 won’t be any different. There will be good times and bad. We’ll celebrate happy times and pray when things aren’t going so well. We’ll hurt. Tough decisions will be made and patience will be tested.

But we’ll be okay.

I don’t really do resolutions. In my opinion, January 1 isn’t any different than any other day of the year (Though it does mark the birthday of a family member!). But I do reflect and try to focus on what’s happened and what’s to come. I try to let go of the past and move forward, though it’s not always easy.

May your 2012 be filled with blessings – peace, love, and lots of laughter. Life’s short, so enjoy every second of it!

Happy New Year!


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