Monthly Archives: October 2011


I love the age our daughter is at right now. She’s formulating ideas based on what she knows, and it’s amazing to see how she puts her thoughts together. Here’s our exchange last night.

She was standing in the bathroom waiting for me to get her bath ready. I have a pretty ugly cold, so I’ve been taking Dayquil. She pulls one of the Dayquil packs off the bathroom counter …
L: “MaMum medicines?”
Me: “Yes, sweetheart, that’s MaMum’s medicine. It’s for my throat.” (As I pointed to my throat.)
L: “Throat. MaMum throat boo-boo?” (While pointing to her throat.)
Me: “That’s right, MaMum’s throat has a boo-boo.”
L: “MaMum want kitty?” (Hello Kitty Band-Aid)
Me: “Oh no, sweetheart, but thank you! You’re too sweet.”
L: “Kiss boo-boo?”
Me: “Sure, you can kiss MaMum’s boo-boo.”

She did indeed proceed to kiss my throat and look at me with those eyes, like she wants me to feel better. I just love it.