We were watching Open Season last Thursday night and had gotten to the part where Boog breaks the dam and all of the creatures are washed down to the hunting grounds. Everyone shakes off, then Boog tells Elliott that he’s done. As Boog walks away, he’s sad.

I told Lily, “Aww, the bear is sad.” What would normally get little or no reaction from her brought her to tears last night and I felt so incredibly bad. Right after I told her, she got the frown face – like she was thinking about Boog being sad. About 10 seconds later, she busted into a full out sob, telling me, “Sad!”

Oh my gosh, I will never, ever do that again. Talk about feeling bad. That was the ultimate ‘uh-oh’ on my part! My heart broke, and it breaks even writing this now! My poor baby!

That was a true mom fail moment. Got any good ones to make me feel like I’m not alone?!


One response to “sad.

  1. This past weekend, my youngest was washing his tooth he lost and dropped it down the drain… he came to me clearly upset and told me what happened. I told him it was ok and that the tooth fairy would understand if he wrote a letter to him/her. (he’s 8 btw) he starts explaining that he wanted to take it to show his Dad… (shared custody, split houses etc)again, very serious… on the brink of tears… So I thought maybe the tooth fairy there was more generous than he/she is at my house so I asked him if he wanted the tooth fairy to visit there instead of here. He looks at me DEAD SERIOUS and says “No! I just wanna SHOW dad… then I wanna bring the tooth back here for the tooth fairy” He was seriously upset but it caught me soooooooo off guard that I smiled and chuckled a little bit… then came the tears. Talk about a mom fail! We all do it. we don’t mean too… but contrary to popular belief, we ARE human and make mistakes. Unfortunately, I have many many many more of these “ooops” moments… this one is just the most recent. Just know, I will NOT be nominated for mother of the year any time soon… and of course once I disassembled the pipes in the bathroom and retrieved the lost tooth, then I was once again Supermom in his eyes… it’s a roller coaster…

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