no pee-pee.

I won’t forget the look in her eyes last night as she waved her hand in the air and repeated after me, “No pee-pee!” She was focused and understood what I was telling her.

You see, it was my fault she was put in that predicament in the first place. We had gone to the park and I had no diapers in the car. She had, well, done her business just as we were leaving the playground and these days she just plain refuses to sit down with that in her diaper. I can’t say I much blame her.

I changed her, then put her in her carseat, sans diaper, with a blanket underneath – just in case.

She made it home dry and I breathed a sigh of relief. “No pee-pee.” Indeed, she had done it. She walked into the house, sat on her potty, and proceeded to then go potty. We celebrated – she had not only listened and done what we had asked of her, but we knew she truly had learned something new. Something hugely new and incredibly exciting.

She made it. And I was so proud of her. We were all so proud of her last night – herself included!

We’ve tried potty training twice before – once just before she turned 2, and once shortly after (While vacationing at MeMa’s!). She’d shown some signs of being ready, but after giving it a go, we realized she just wasn’t quite there. No worries; we just continue to talk about it and do things to prepare.

After last night, I think she may just be ready after all. I think we may just go on a fabulously fun shopping spree this weekend; one that will include big girl pants, great beverages and super rewards.

I’m ready, and I’m pretty sure she is, too.


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