Some days as a parent just rock. Even better, some days as a parent of a 2 year old are out of this world.

We were on the front porch last night catching the tail end of the rain shower that had passed through. I sat down and showed Lily the ‘boo-boo’ on my knee (I fell while walking. Yeah, don’t ask.). She walked over, touched my leg, said ‘Aww, MaMum boo-boo!,’ and then proceeded to kiss my boo-boo.

My heart melted right then and there. Can I bottle this girl up and save her at 2 years old forever? Seriously. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

IMG_8478e1 Fast forward 15 minutes or so. My husband and I are now sitting in the hammock swing, still on the front porch. Lily walks by and notices a spider web in the corner of the window. In the web are two dead bugs – one a small white moth and the other a small dark brown bug. No spider. She points to the brown bug and says ‘Shoe?’ Oh. My. Gosh. It’s true – that bug really did look like a shoe – he was upside down, and his legs do sort of look like laces. I love the innocence.

So really, can’t we just keep her this way forever?


One response to “shoes?

  1. Love it!!!

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