coffee delivery.

Mornings are a routine for us. My husband and I are up at 5 am to get ourselves ready, then at around 6:05 am we get our daughter up. We get her dressed, and then her and I make iced coffee together. She loves helping with the sugar, feeling the cold coffee carafe, and of course can’t resist shaking daddy’s coffee up. Her favorite part, though, is delivering daddy’s coffee to him. She gets the biggest smile on her face as I get her down from the counter, and the excitement builds as she walks away, repeating “Dada coffee!” as she buzzes around the house looking for him.

Yesterday’s coffee delivery, however, was a bit different than the norm. Instead of walking the coffee to daddy, she got on her motorized car and drove his coffee to him while he was shaving in the bathroom!

I love these little moments. These are the ones I want to hang on to forever. Being a parent, though challenging at times, is so incredibly rewarding.

3 responses to “coffee delivery.

  1. I love it!

  2. So cute! I could use a coffee delivery each morning. Do you think Lily delivers out of state?

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