wt_2011_08aug01 Do you see that grey dot that erases just about all I’ve accomplished thus far? Yeah, I don’t either. Because honestly, it doesn’t matter. I know I haven’t eaten enough to gain that much, so it’s meaningless.

I’m focusing on my refocusing. My distance from the numbers.

Instead of celebrating scale victories this week, of which there are clearly none, I’m going to instead focus on those that do not contain numbers. Because whatever, there’s more to this than a number.

I posted a question in the Mamavation forum last week – I needed ideas for increasing my water intake over the weekend. Thanks to those who shared – I got some great ideas, and am happy to say that I did a great job with my water intake over the weekend. Victory #1!

It’s still ridiculously hot here. We did get a few breaks, and I did manage to run outside once (Or maybe twice? I’d have to check.). At any rate, in-between, I’ve managed to stay consistent with other things – Wii Free Step, treadmill at work during lunch, and Wii EA Sports Active. I do need to work on the motivation to run in the morning (Mornings just aren’t my thing.), but I seriously can’t worry about that just yet. I had a blast with an hour of EA Sports Active on Friday night, which put a huge smile on my face. Victory #2!

Want to get more steps on that pedometer every day? I started walking in place while I dry my hair. I won’t leave the bathroom in the morning until I’ve got 1,000 steps on my pedometer. Victory #3!

I’m loving the fact that my clothes are feeling a bit loose. That’s my reminder every single morning that this is not about a number, but about choosing to be healthy for my family. The rest will come with time, and lots of hard work. It’s already paying off! Victory #4!

So there, weight. Take that. I’ve still got my Mamavation and I’m not giving up. Victory #5!


4 responses to “refocusing.

  1. monica young

    Good way to take things. Clothes lose big sign on losing weight even if the scale does not show it. Keep it up!!

    • Thanks! I think we need to use all of the positives to our advantage, even if the one we rely on the most (scale) isn’t showing us what we want to see … must keep moving forward!

  2. If we’re truly doing the right things, which it absolutely sounds like you are, then the numbers will follow eventually. Congratulations on all of the victories!

  3. Woo-hoo!! You know, small victories are what add up to the big ones. I love the things you are doing… water, steps, activity… Keep it up!!

    I am also re-focussing this week, but that is okay. Neither of us gave up and we are still on the right track. Best of luck this week.

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