another ‘lately’ post.

So much has been happening lately, little miss Lily. You got your ears pierced a few weeks ago. You know I had planned to have them done when you were teeny tiny, but didn’t have the heart to hurt you. When you started noticing mine and saying, “Mama, ears!,” I figured it was time. Sure, you cried, but it was only temporary. Now you love looking in the mirror at your pretty “Ears!”

You’ve gone from calling me “Mama” to now calling me “Ma-mum.” Yeah, I have no idea where you got it from, and it does drive me a little bit crazy, but it’s okay. It’s only a name. Dada swears you and I are going to be like fire and gasoline, so I’m sure you know it drives me crazy and continue just because. Yep, you’re rotten. But then again, you might get that from your “Ma-mum.” Just sayin’.

You’ve started putting thoughts together. Instead of “car” or “dada,” it’s now “Dada car.” Or “Mama pillow.” Or “Huck blanket.” It’s pretty cool to watch you form thoughts on your own and learn to put two and three words together.

I love the way you say some things. Like “Toy Tory,” and “moo-mie” (movie). Melt my heart, why don’tcha?

And frankly, you’ve cracked me up lately with bedtime! Both last night and the night before, you got off the couch and walked into mama and dada’s bedroom saying, “Ni-night.” You then proceeded to climb into the bed, tuck in, and fall asleep! If I may ask, what exactly is wrong with your bed, little miss? Both nights, Dada has seen the little bear in his bunk and slept in your bed. I don’t know which one of us is the luckier one – you or I. I just love snuggling with you!

You give fabulous hugs. I hope this lasts forever!

We met Me-Ma and P-Pa along with the rest of the crew at the aquarium on Sunday. You were tired when we left, and as we walked away from P-Pa’s truck, you were screaming, “Me-Ma! P-Pa!” I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of Me-Ma asking when you get to come visit. Oh, and I can’t forget that you were trying to climb into P-Pa’s truck, you stinker!

I love watching you grow, little one. I think my heart gets bigger and bigger with each minute I spend with you.


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