pedometer: what I’ve learned in 5 days.

So there’s my disclosure – I’ve been at this for 5 days. I have no knowledge upon which to base this post other than my observations.

First things first. We’re doing a steps challenge at work. Those who chose to participate were given a pedometer, asked to set a daily step goal, and sent on our merry little way. My goal? 10,000 steps per day.

I had no idea what I’d signed up for. And I clearly didn’t research beforehand! What I’m learning is that getting to 10,000 steps per day is a LOT of work!


Well, if nothing else, this will create quite the good walking habit! Here’s how far I’ve been and what it’s taken for me to get there …

  • Day 1: 14,551 steps (un-timed walk at the park; following toddler around the yard)
  • Day 2: 11,955 steps (45 minutes on treadmill)
  • Day 3: 17,793 steps (30 minutes of Wii Fit Free Step, 45 minutes on treadmill, 25 minute walk at the park)
  • Day 4: 11,665 steps (35 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes of Wii Fit Free Step)
  • Day 5: steps unknown (On treadmill now, as I type!)

That’s a whole mess of cardio for 10k steps. Just sayin’.

So perhaps some things I’m doing that just might help you get up and go, too?

  • Walk to get things individually. I’d make a loop from the printer, to the water cooler, back to my desk. No more. Now it’s broken up into 2 trips. Same at home. I don’t count on my husband to bring the rest of the dinner ingredients up to the grill, I go get them myself.
  • Daughter needs a diaper change? Gladly making the trip back down to the house.
  • The walk to the mailbox? I take the long way.
  • I’m parking far, far away in the parking lot. Love this one.
  • I’ve been doing laps in the yard as my daughter plays in her sand pit. I can still watch her and be active at the same time!
  • Instead of shouting a question/answer to my husband from across the house, I walk to him.
  • Instead of checking my mailbox as I walk in the office each day, I make a separate trip.
  • Obviously … cardio, cardio, cardio.

Have you tried this? Any tips or good ideas to get more steps in?

One response to “pedometer: what I’ve learned in 5 days.

  1. thanks for all those tips

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