small successes.

Aah, feeling good today. We have a gym here at work, and several months ago, I was going at lunch on a regular basis. Too bad that didn’t last, huh? I came in yesterday with no plan to go to the gym, but around 10:00, got the idea. I told myself that if I had a set of gym clothes in my locker, I would go. Guess what? I did, and I did! Doing so landed me a total of 11,955 steps yesterday, which makes me happy. And guess where I am right now as I write this? At the gym for day 2!

And then there’s this morning. I have a weekly conference call at 7am, and typically I’ll come in early and take the call here in the office. I’ve been switching it up lately, and sometimes I’ll take the call from home. I decided to do the latter this morning, and got the idea to do some Wii Fit Free Step while on the call. Despite having to hunt for batteries for both the Wii remote and Balance Board (That’s 6 batteries, friends! Impossible!), I did 30 minutes of Free Step while on my conference call! (And according to my Wii, I’ve lost a bit more than 0.5 lb. … proof will come tomorrow when my new scale arrives!)

Mamavation is keeping me going – you Sistas are fabulous! I’m feeling good. And I am posting this as a reminder to myself that I can do this, and that I should celebrate small successes.

What small successes do you have to celebrate?


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