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another ‘lately’ post.

So much has been happening lately, little miss Lily. You got your ears pierced a few weeks ago. You know I had planned to have them done when you were teeny tiny, but didn’t have the heart to hurt you. When you started noticing mine and saying, “Mama, ears!,” I figured it was time. Sure, you cried, but it was only temporary. Now you love looking in the mirror at your pretty “Ears!”

You’ve gone from calling me “Mama” to now calling me “Ma-mum.” Yeah, I have no idea where you got it from, and it does drive me a little bit crazy, but it’s okay. It’s only a name. Dada swears you and I are going to be like fire and gasoline, so I’m sure you know it drives me crazy and continue just because. Yep, you’re rotten. But then again, you might get that from your “Ma-mum.” Just sayin’.

You’ve started putting thoughts together. Instead of “car” or “dada,” it’s now “Dada car.” Or “Mama pillow.” Or “Huck blanket.” It’s pretty cool to watch you form thoughts on your own and learn to put two and three words together.

I love the way you say some things. Like “Toy Tory,” and “moo-mie” (movie). Melt my heart, why don’tcha?

And frankly, you’ve cracked me up lately with bedtime! Both last night and the night before, you got off the couch and walked into mama and dada’s bedroom saying, “Ni-night.” You then proceeded to climb into the bed, tuck in, and fall asleep! If I may ask, what exactly is wrong with your bed, little miss? Both nights, Dada has seen the little bear in his bunk and slept in your bed. I don’t know which one of us is the luckier one – you or I. I just love snuggling with you!

You give fabulous hugs. I hope this lasts forever!

We met Me-Ma and P-Pa along with the rest of the crew at the aquarium on Sunday. You were tired when we left, and as we walked away from P-Pa’s truck, you were screaming, “Me-Ma! P-Pa!” I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of Me-Ma asking when you get to come visit. Oh, and I can’t forget that you were trying to climb into P-Pa’s truck, you stinker!

I love watching you grow, little one. I think my heart gets bigger and bigger with each minute I spend with you.


my answer …

Welcome to this week’s episode of Water Retention Monday. I’m your host, Bloated Mamavation Sista.

So I think I have the answer. Seems every Monday, my weight jumps up by a pound or two, then drops back down on Tuesday. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that I drink WAY less water over the weekend than I do during the week, and after several weeks of watching this happen, I’m pretty sure that’s the answer.

It was a rough week, but I still manged to lose a bit. I had a well deserved binge day (or two) starting on Tuesday, and by Thursday, I was back on track. Life throws us curve balls sometimes, and I think it’s okay to go temporarily off track as long as we jump back on quickly. That I did. (But the french toast and pizza truly were oh so good!)

I’m a bit disappointed with this heat. I was really getting into the C25K program I was doing, but there’s no way I’m running in 100 degree temps and high humidity. No worries, though. I’ve been sticking with the treadmill at work during lunch (Can’t workout at 100% on a lunch break, but every little bit counts!) and doing as much Wii Fit Step and EA Sports Active
as possible. Hoping to jump back in to C25K this week – fingers crossed.

I’m looking forward to seeing if my measurements have changed – tomorrow’s my day to find out!

How was your week? And what are you looking forward to going into this new week? Hope it’s a good one!

thank you.

Aah, here we are. Back at Mamavation Monday. Many, many thanks for the words of encouragement last week. I so needed you. I’ve been carrying on, not letting the number on the scale tell the whole story. I followed the advice many of you gave me and started my measurements last week.

Meanwhile, though, the scale finally started cooperating. I’m down 4.4 lbs (total)! Yippee! I’m starting to figure out just what causes my fluctuations. Of course, we can never be certain, but I have a few good ideas as to what causes my huge daily swings. At any rate, I’m not letting it bother me. It’s only one factor, and certainly not the most important one.

As so many of you said, it’s not about the number on the scale. It’s not a trend. It’s about making changes that can be sustained. And guess what? I think I’m getting there. It’s a beautiful thing – being so full of energy, resisting a temptation and not looking back, leading my family down a road to healthy living.

So to those of you who showed me much needed love this week – again, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s to another beautiful week – a healthy life is oh so pleasing! Hugs!

this is why …

This is why I have such a hard time sustaining these initiatives. I’m always motivated by the desire to lose weight. Sure, healthy eating, family health motivations, and just because are always a very close second, but my primary reason is to lose weight. I work my rear off – eating right, tracking calories, getting in lots of exercise. And what happens?

I gain weight.

So I look at what I did this week. In general, I ate as I was told by MyFitnessPal. If I worked out and needed to eat extra calories, I got as close to that calorie intake number as I could without forcing myself to eat if I wasn’t hungry. I tracked every last bite.

  • Mon: untimed walk/run @ park | 14,551 steps
  • Tue: 45 min treadmill | 11,955 steps
  • Wed: 45 min treadmill, 25 min walk/run @ park, 30 min Wii Fit Free Step | 17,793 steps
  • Thu: 35 min treadmill, 30 min Wii Fit Free Step | 11,665 steps
  • Fri: 45 min treadmill, 30 min Wii Fit Free Step | 13,779 steps
  • Sat: no workout | 6,599 steps (Poor performance, I know.)
  • Sun: no workout | 13,291 steps

So I certainly could have gotten one or two more workouts in there. Admittedly. And I did eat a cupcake and some buffalo chicken dip on Saturday. Didn’t need that, but by no means did I go overboard.

I’ll try harder this week. But to gain 3.6 lbs? Seriously? At my best over the past week, I’d seen a loss of 1.5 lbs – and the disclaimer here is that my scale broke, so I used a total of 3 different methods – my old scale until it died, my Wii Fit in between, and my new scale once it arrived.

I’ll keep going and give it time. But I’m already aggravated. Mamavation Sistas, I’m going to need your help this week to keep my motivation up!!!

pedometer: what I’ve learned in 5 days.

So there’s my disclosure – I’ve been at this for 5 days. I have no knowledge upon which to base this post other than my observations.

First things first. We’re doing a steps challenge at work. Those who chose to participate were given a pedometer, asked to set a daily step goal, and sent on our merry little way. My goal? 10,000 steps per day.

I had no idea what I’d signed up for. And I clearly didn’t research beforehand! What I’m learning is that getting to 10,000 steps per day is a LOT of work!


Well, if nothing else, this will create quite the good walking habit! Here’s how far I’ve been and what it’s taken for me to get there …

  • Day 1: 14,551 steps (un-timed walk at the park; following toddler around the yard)
  • Day 2: 11,955 steps (45 minutes on treadmill)
  • Day 3: 17,793 steps (30 minutes of Wii Fit Free Step, 45 minutes on treadmill, 25 minute walk at the park)
  • Day 4: 11,665 steps (35 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes of Wii Fit Free Step)
  • Day 5: steps unknown (On treadmill now, as I type!)

That’s a whole mess of cardio for 10k steps. Just sayin’.

So perhaps some things I’m doing that just might help you get up and go, too?

  • Walk to get things individually. I’d make a loop from the printer, to the water cooler, back to my desk. No more. Now it’s broken up into 2 trips. Same at home. I don’t count on my husband to bring the rest of the dinner ingredients up to the grill, I go get them myself.
  • Daughter needs a diaper change? Gladly making the trip back down to the house.
  • The walk to the mailbox? I take the long way.
  • I’m parking far, far away in the parking lot. Love this one.
  • I’ve been doing laps in the yard as my daughter plays in her sand pit. I can still watch her and be active at the same time!
  • Instead of shouting a question/answer to my husband from across the house, I walk to him.
  • Instead of checking my mailbox as I walk in the office each day, I make a separate trip.
  • Obviously … cardio, cardio, cardio.

Have you tried this? Any tips or good ideas to get more steps in?

those toddler teeth …

Our daughter loves to brush her teeth. The only problem? She loves to brush them so much that she won’t easily let us brush them. A few nights ago, I discovered a new trick … brushing them while she’s in the bath. Since she’s already used to me getting her clean while in the bath, I thought it might work. Sure enough, it was an absolute success! No more struggle over who will hold the toothbrush. Instead, I got, “Mama, tickles!” I’ll take that over a struggle any day!!!

small successes.

Aah, feeling good today. We have a gym here at work, and several months ago, I was going at lunch on a regular basis. Too bad that didn’t last, huh? I came in yesterday with no plan to go to the gym, but around 10:00, got the idea. I told myself that if I had a set of gym clothes in my locker, I would go. Guess what? I did, and I did! Doing so landed me a total of 11,955 steps yesterday, which makes me happy. And guess where I am right now as I write this? At the gym for day 2!

And then there’s this morning. I have a weekly conference call at 7am, and typically I’ll come in early and take the call here in the office. I’ve been switching it up lately, and sometimes I’ll take the call from home. I decided to do the latter this morning, and got the idea to do some Wii Fit Free Step while on the call. Despite having to hunt for batteries for both the Wii remote and Balance Board (That’s 6 batteries, friends! Impossible!), I did 30 minutes of Free Step while on my conference call! (And according to my Wii, I’ve lost a bit more than 0.5 lb. … proof will come tomorrow when my new scale arrives!)

Mamavation is keeping me going – you Sistas are fabulous! I’m feeling good. And I am posting this as a reminder to myself that I can do this, and that I should celebrate small successes.

What small successes do you have to celebrate?