feelin’ huge.

I’m feeling huge today, and not in a bad way. It’s that ‘top of cloud nine’ feeling. I’ve taken control of me. I’d had a few things in the back of my mind for quite a while that needed to be taken care of. Nothing huge, but the potential negative impact of both of them were weighing heavy on my mind.

My daughter turned 2 last month, and with that comes a 2-year appointment with her pediatrician. As I scheduled her appointment, I started feeling guilty. Here I am, making the right choice to keep up with her necessary appointments, and I’m not doing the same for myself. I knew I needed to change.

I’d put off a tetanus shot for like forever – last time I got it, I had a horrible time and ended up nearly passing out several times in the days that followed. I didn’t want to do it again, and had refused when asked by my doctor over the past few years. Yeah, wimp.

Secondly, back in early 2008, I had my cholesterol tested. While my good cholesterol was good, my bad cholesterol was bad. Not too long after, I got pregnant, so I decided to ignore the recommendation to follow up and have my cholesterol checked again. Uh huh, say it again. Wimp. (Also stupid. I know.)

In the past few days, I’ve done both things, and I feel fabulous about it! The 3-4 days after the tetanus shot were truly awful, but I’m still glad I got it. And my cholesterol? I learned last night that all levels are GOOD!!! I have no idea how it happened, but I can now rest my mind. I am so excited!

I also pledged and was accepted as a Mamavation Sista earlier this week! It’s time for change – I need to workout more and make smarter eating choices. I’m still learning and getting to know people, but it’s been great fun so far!

So, have you put off similar things lately? And what have you done for you that not only changes how healthy you are, but has an impact on your family, as well?

Make that change – you’ll be so glad you did!


One response to “feelin’ huge.

  1. That is so great that you did those things. You really need to take care of yourself not only for you but for your daughter. You SHOULD feel huge right now:-) Thanks so much for reading our blog posts and most importantly for signing up to be a donor!!! You should feel huge about that too:-)

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