time to get real.

If you know me personally, you may know that I’ve been trying off and on for like forever to lose weight. As so many of us know, it’s a constant struggle. If I could rewind 10 years or so, I’d be totally happy. Unfortunately, we all know what can happen when we get married, buy a house, have kids, turn 30, etc., etc., etc.

Seems like no matter what I try, nothing works. I get discouraged, frustrated, angry. I know what it’s going to take, but I don’t want to do it … alone. That’s why I want to take the pledge and join the Mamavation Sisterhood! Yeah, sure, I want support for myself – I guess we’re all a little bit selfish like that. But I also love supporting others. Fortunately, it seems the Sisterhood is great for that!

So, what’s it going to take? 100% dedication. A commitment to not only eating right, but exercising as I should, too. And the support of others. Accountability. Time.

As a working mom with a 2-year-old, life is busy. For meals, I need something that is quick and easy, but also healthy. I often get home later than I’d like, so time really is of the essence. While I’ve been good at making healthy meals in the past, it’s the nights when I scramble to put a meal together that I fall off track. I know this can be avoided with planning – and commitment.

The other aspect is exercise. Sure, we get to the park once or twice a week. And I walk/run for 30+ minutes when we’re there. But it takes more than twice a week to make a difference. Again, a commitment.

I am here, committing to take those extra steps to be a healthier me – and to lead the way to a healthier family. It’s time for me to stop talking and start walking – both literally and figuratively.

I’m ready! Mamavation Sistas, will you take me in?


2 responses to “time to get real.

  1. welcome to the group and i hope you meet all your goals

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