little reminders.

Update – 05.11.2011:

So the weather has improved slightly for Saturday, and the map looks a wee-bit better. We’re now looking at a 30% chance of rain instead of the 60% from yesterday’s forecast! Hey Mother Nature, let’s keep it going in the right direction, please!!!

(I also finished my tablecloths last night and would really, really love to be able to use them!)


Original post – 05.10.2011:

Sometimes life’s little reminders come at a time when you need them most.

So we’re having our daughter’s 2nd birthday party this weekend. For those of you who know me, it won’t come as any surprise when I say that I started planning this thing over 2 months ago. Yep, it was early March when I started really thinking about it. (Confession … I just looked, and the first email I sent to my husband about it was on 2/14/11. Yeah, that’s 3 months ago!) Given that last year’s 1st birthday party was almost perfect in my opinion (My mom was ridiculously sick and couldn’t make it – that was the big bummer.), I was all set to make sure this year’s would be just as great. Life was wonderful until …

… I looked at the weather forecast.

I’ve been watching it for the past week, and up until yesterday, there was a 40% chance of rain on Saturday. My aunt was telling me to stay positive, and I was following her advice.

Until I looked this morning and saw that our 40% had increased to 60%. And it didn’t help when I looked at this map from The Weather Channel:


No, there’s no escaping this storm. Waaah! Yep, I’m a little bit upset. I know it is what it is, but honestly, I’m so totally disappointed. Months of planning this outdoor event, only for us to be forced indoors. Ugh.

Reminder So back to this reminder. Just minutes ago, I opened my drawer at work to grab a fruit strip and something yellow caught my eye – it’s a round, yellow magnet about 1″ in diameter – something someone who resided here before had left behind. It’s cracked in several places, but its flaws don’t bother me. Why not?

It’s a reminder.

Everything will be fine. Sure, it’s absolutely going to rain on Saturday, but what can I do about it? Lil’s party won’t be exactly as I planned. So what? The rain is just like one of those cracks in my little yellow magnet. Is there, but it doesn’t really matter. Our friends and family will be with us to celebrate a fabulous little girl, and that’s all we really need.

Sure, we’ll be packed in our house like sardines. I’ll get over it, and it might just end up being more fun!


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