attitude twos.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit and haven’t quite gotten to what people call the ‘terrible twos,’ or perhaps it’s a matter of perspective, but I think ‘attitude twos’ better describes what’s going on in our house these days. Our sweet little girl has figured out that she has an opinion and even better, that she can voice it. And believe me, voice it she does. The tasks that were so simple in the past have suddenly become difficult.

  • Instead of eating what I make for dinner as she did before, she’d rather eat chips.
  • Instead of running to the bathtub when it’s time for a bath, she’s running around the house screaming ‘No!’
  • Instead of wearing the shoes we’ve chosen for her, she’d rather wear her rain or snow boots.

We’re learning through this. On many things, I simply won’t budge. She will not eat chips and only chips for dinner, and bathtime is bathtime – no questions asked. But hey, if she wants to wear her rain boots in the morning, so be it. I simply send her sneakers along for the day and we avoid an early morning meltdown – for both of us. This morning was the first time she didn’t want to get out of bed, and she refused to get dressed. It was … interesting.

In some instances, we’ve let her decide between one thing or another – it really seems to help. A big one is bedtime. We typically let her decide if she’d like to walk up to bed herself or be carried. I read somewhere that providing your child with two choices, both of which get you to your desired result, can be helpful. Either way, she still gets to bed, it’s just the ‘how’ that she’s deciding. She’s involved and we’re happy – it’s a win/win.

This parenting thing has certainly got elements of both art and science. Every child is different, but those who have been there before seem to have some good recommendations that have worked. What tips do you have to make it through these days?


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