hi there!

photo5 How’ve ya been? Hope you had a very happy Easter weekend!

Not too much new here, though I certainly can’t say we haven’t been busy! Actually, it’s been quite the opposite! In just 5 weeks, I traveled 3 times. I had one full weekend at home – and plenty of it was spent packing for one of those three trips! By the time the end of the third trip rolled around, I just wanted to go home and stay home. I’m still longing for a weekend of things around the house – and I’m hoping this weekend is it!

photo4 That little girl of ours – growing more and more sassy by the minute. She’ll tell you ‘no’ in a heartbeat, and don’t try to change her mind. If she wants something, there’s no convincing her otherwise. It just is what it is. She’s convinced that chocolate syrup is something you can eat instead of mixing with milk. Granted she’s never had it that way, but she always gets upset when we won’t let her have it and instead make her chocolate milk! And her love of ‘kitty cats’ grows stronger every day. Doesn’t she know we can’t stand cats? Figures.

2011 continues to be the most depressing year I can remember. The bad news keeps on coming. If you wouldn’t mind, could you say a prayer for those who are going through some tough times right now? Believe me, I know plenty of them. On a lighter note, I found a long lost friend about a week ago and couldn’t be happier about that, and I also have a good friend that should meet her new little man soon! (She’d been updating pretty regularly until about 24 hours ago, so I hope that means there’s good news!)

One of my biggest frustrations of this year … I really wish I could love running. I was doing pretty well last year, and even completed several 5k races that left me feeling like I could keep on running through the winter. Yeah, right. Even with the ridiculously warm weather we’ve been having, I have yet to get back into the swing of things. I did a 5k a few weekends ago with a colleague who is a runner, but she’s injured and we ended up walking most of it. It was a nice excuse for me to be lazy. Go figure. And of course I say, ‘If only I had more time …,’ but I know I wouldn’t run even then. Seriously though, with the nightly cycle of laundry, dinner, playtime, bath, and bedtime, there really aren’t enough waking hours. Oh well.

photo3 Have you had any fun this spring? Please, do share! And I’ll try to check in a little more often! It might actually happen now that I’ve got a more organized way of working …

It’s a wall-mounted work station, and so far, I love it! The only thing I need now is a snazzy new laptop, but I think it may be a long wait for that one!



One response to “hi there!

  1. Hi there,

    Hadn’t read your blog in awhile and thought I would stop by. Then read about your friend that is about to have a baby which got me to thinking about the hospital gown that you won from us!! Wondered if you had gifted it to anyone or kept it for yourself for later:-) Hope you liked it…I think you go the Anita??

    I’m so sorry that 2011 hasn’t been so great for you. Hope you and your family are doing ok. Keep your chin up!!

    Good catching up with your blog:-) Your daughter is adorable!!


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