Monthly Archives: April 2011

365 project (120) … tongue.

Just like daddy – Lil was working hard this weekend, and I caught her with her tongue out! LOL!




Just got my first Groupon deal – yippee! There’s a local petting zoo here that we’ve never been to, and they’re offering 2 tickets for the price of 1 – sold!

If you like doing fun things and saving money at the same time, you should try it. And if you follow my link and end up buying something, I get a credit! Yippee!

365 project (119) … chips.

We had just finished dinner at the new grilled cheese place near us and stopped at Brum Brum & P-Pa’s to pick up the cart for the tractor. Sitting in the truck, little miss decided she was ready for her chips. Now if only I could break dada of the habit of giving Lil her ‘pa’ when she asks for it …


365 project (118) … chow.

If only I could eat a sub this way and get away with it! Not to mention that the 4″ sub is about as big as she is!!!


365 project (117) … ‘opie!’

‘Opie!’ It’s ‘open,’ and it’s often yelled in impatience. I love it! Today, she wanted me to open her CLIF Twisted Fruit – she loves them. I try to keep them hidden, as I’m pretty sure she’d eat the whole box of them if we let her!

Opie!!! (Open)

I know I’m terribly far behind on my 365 posts; I’m hanging my head in shame. I haven’t given up, I’ve just been slacking on posting them. I’m going to try to start filling in the posts that I’ve missed, so get ready!

slight problem …

When it comes to cell phones, I love to have the latest. And as much as my husband hates it, I beg him to go to the Verizon store with me the day our ‘new every two’ plan expires each time. This time around I got … drumroll, please … the iPhone. And oh how amazing it is. I truly love it. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and it’s an Apple product, which has always been a positive in my book. There are plenty of great apps, too.

There is, however, one small issue.

I love my iPhone, and more specifically the ‘Hipstamatic’ and ‘Instagram’ apps so much that it’s caused my DSLR to become #2.


I think it comes down to two … err, three … things.

(1) I always have my iPhone with me.
(2) It’s so daggone tiny!
(3) I can instantly transfer my photos to Facebook, post them to flickr, or email them to myself.

It doesn’t help that my MacBook is almost dead and is slow as molasses – a total discouragement from using my camera.

What’s a girl to do? Have any of you faced something similar? Will it pass? Because between you and me, I’m really starting to worry that I’ll never have the same love for my DSLR again!

365 project (116) … fun with the dogs.

For some reason, that girl loves to run around and try to get caught up in the leash – it’s the greatest game!