cap’n crunch.

Yeah, maybe now isn’t the best time to be blogging. I just finished 1 cocktail, 3 (I think.) glasses of wine, and 1 beer. And I need to be ready to work at 6 am. Ugh. This is Vegas.

I’m here for work. This is my first time in Vegas, and I’m here for work. Ugh.

I just met plenty of fabulous people. We talked about plenty of ‘solar’ things, but we also discussed Holsteins, pregnancy, gambling and these exotic hotel rooms. All in all, it was a good night.

But it will be oh so difficult to get up tomorrow morning … boo.

Yeah, I need to go to bed. But instead, I’ll wait for my Cap’n Crunch & skim milk. Maybe I should’ve gone with the wings. Guess we’ll never know.


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