Monthly Archives: March 2011

i won’t let go.

A while back, one of my two sisters shared the lyrics of the Rascal Flatts song I Won’t Let Go with both my other sister and I. We’d had a particularly difficult conversation just minutes ago, the song played on her way home, and she sent us a text to let us know that we should listen to the song, as it represented how she felt about us.

I’m having a particularly gloomy day today, and happened to hear the song blaring from a radio on the floor below mine at work (Yeah, it’s that loud.). Though I can’t say hearing it made me feel any better, it sure reminded me of just what’s important. My sister shared those lyrics with us, and it hit me so hard that night because I know it’s true. I know that either one of my sisters would do anything for me. They live those lyrics every day. They stand by me. They help me. And I can only hope they think the same of me. Let me tell you, those are two incredible people, both with their own beautiful strengths.

There’s a difference in talking the talk and walking the walk. It’s those who walk the walk that should matter the most, and I need to remember that. Those who just talk the talk don’t deserve the right to rain on my parade.

Now, if only living that were so easy.


365 project (85) … dive buddies.

The three of us make an awesome dive team! Saying goodbye to Bonaire was hard, but we know we’ll be back!


365 project (81) … dive gear.

My dive gear all set up – the only thing missing is the warm Bonaire water!


365 project (80) … mi goosi.

There’s a dive site in Bonaire named ‘Mi Dushi,’ which means ‘my sweetheart.’ Instead, this is ‘Mi Goosi,’ otherwise known as my sister Alice, who we often call ‘Goose!’ Love you, girl!


365 project (79) … self portrait 2.

From a pickup truck on the streets of Bonaire.


365 project (78) … sunrise.

On our flight from DCA to ATL … it was a beautiful sunrise, and perfect to set the mood for our dive trip to Bonaire!


cap’n crunch.

Yeah, maybe now isn’t the best time to be blogging. I just finished 1 cocktail, 3 (I think.) glasses of wine, and 1 beer. And I need to be ready to work at 6 am. Ugh. This is Vegas.

I’m here for work. This is my first time in Vegas, and I’m here for work. Ugh.

I just met plenty of fabulous people. We talked about plenty of ‘solar’ things, but we also discussed Holsteins, pregnancy, gambling and these exotic hotel rooms. All in all, it was a good night.

But it will be oh so difficult to get up tomorrow morning … boo.

Yeah, I need to go to bed. But instead, I’ll wait for my Cap’n Crunch & skim milk. Maybe I should’ve gone with the wings. Guess we’ll never know.