365 project (41) … spaces.

I’ve blogged about it before. Shrek. Oh. My. Heavens. That girl is obsessed! When we let her, she certainly does not hesitate to spend time in this space. On the couch. Watching Shrek. She either snuggles up with one of us to watch part of the movie before going off to bed, or she stands and dances as she watches. I guess, as is evident here, she also multi-tasks from time to time. And then she throws in the occasional ‘No, you got them.’ Oh how I love this girl.


Check out other great ‘spaces’ posts as well as the joy of LOVE by Willette! It’s not too late to join in the fun!

2 responses to “365 project (41) … spaces.

  1. What a cutie you have! I know about those movie obsessions. My youngest was (still is) into Cars and he’s almost 6.

    • Thank you! Funny how they get into one thing, isn’t it? I’m thankful that there are 4 Shrek movies … though they still get old! 🙂

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