I had my tripod out this past weekend. Lily was walking around the tripod, turning every knob she could find and having a great time. It was pretty funny to see her so engaged with something that’s so basic to me, so I sat down to observe. As she’s turning and swiveling, she looks up at me and says, ‘Cheese!’

Seriously? I have never, ever told her to say ‘cheese’ while taking a picture. I don’t tell anyone to say ‘cheese;’ it’s just not my style.

I really don’t know where she gets this stuff from! Someone along the way must have told her to say ‘cheese,’ though I can’t figure out who. I’m pretty sure she made the association herself between ‘cheese’ going with the camera, and the camera going with the tripod. I’m blown away – the mind is such an amazing thing, and to watch it grow and develop is a gift.

I love this life.


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