so many new words.

I don’t want to forget these things. Seems like there’s at least one or two new words every day. I love watching her learn; teaching her something new and observing as the understanding takes place. The best is when we actually get to witness the light bulb come on – when things become crystal clear for her.

Here are some new words …

  • ‘juish’ (juice)
  • Shrek
  • shoe
  • sock
  • brush teeth
  • ny-night
  • balloon
  • up
  • down
  • ‘uv you’ (love you)
  • like
  • ‘ten-key’ (stinky)
  • ‘core’ (color)
  • ‘nack’ (snack)

… to add to the old words …

  • milk
  • cheese
  • ‘ma pa’ (paci)
  • ‘ma ba bu’ (my baby)
  • ‘ou’ (where)
  • done
  • hi
  • ‘Bran-pa’ (Grandpa)
  • ‘Bran-ma’ (Grandma)
  • airplane
  • choo-choo
  • ‘iss’ (kiss)
  • bye bye
  • ‘shesh you’ (bless you)
  • ‘da du’ (thank you)
  • ‘oon’ (moon)
  • bird
  • ‘gee’ (geese)
  • cow & mooo
  • ‘shish’ (fish)
  • woof woof (both describing the dog and the noise they make)
  • Huck (our dog’s name)
  • sit (She loves to shout ‘Huck, sit!’)
  • ‘ibby’ (Libby, Brum Brum & grandpa’s dog)
  • ‘key key’ (kitty kitty) & mow (meow)
  • ‘ba pak, ba pak’ (‘Backpack, Backpack’ from Dora the Explorer)
  • Awww!
  • ‘ket’ (jacket) & hat
  • ‘side’ (outside)

I know I’m forgetting lots of them, but that’s okay.


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