‘no, you got them.”

Shrek has officially taken the place of the news in our house. And cartoons. And prime time. And everything else you can possibly imagine.

Lily loves all 4 Shrek movies. And we’re just thankful there are multiples we can use to mix things up a bit. It’s always on. It’s all she ever asks for anymore.

So what happens after you watch something over and over and over? You start to learn the details – the order of scenes, key phrases, the characters. We’ve learned, through practice, that this even happens with little ones.

We were watching Shrek 2 last night. The scene where Shrek and Donkey are walking through the woods began – Shrek accuses Donkey of purring, and Puss in Boots drops from a tree limb. He begins his attack on Shrek, and at the end of the attack, Donkey kicks Shrek to try to get rid of Puss in Boots.

Donkey: “Did I miss?
Shrek: “No, you got them.”

Justin and I almost died laughing when Lily said, exactly on time with Shrek, “No, you got them.” Neither of us helped her with that! Needless to say, we played that part about 25 times to hear her say it time and time again.

Yep, parenting just plain rocks.


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