travel & ouch!

It’s been a busy weekend and we’re in for an even more insane week! We returned late last night from a weekend at our home away from home. The weekend was great – just enough time away, a bit of shopping, time with family, and a win for the Steelers!

Today, Lily, mom and I embark on an adventure to Chicago. I’m headed there for 3 days of brand training – woohoo! It should be fun once we get there. I have to admit that I’m a bit anxious about the travel; it’s the first flight for Lily, and the thought of getting everything and everyone there in one piece is overwhelming. I’ll share any insights I have for traveling with little ones once we return. I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes already, and perhaps there are a few things I’ve done right for the trip! As my luck would have it, I’ve managed to pull a sizable muscle in my back, making things even more interesting. Awesome!

Got a great photo for my 365 project yesterday – I’ll share it with you when I return, as I’m almost certain I won’t have time while we’re away.

Here’s to a great week! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to check in from time to time this week – only time will tell!


2 responses to “travel & ouch!

  1. I’m sure your trip will go along fine.

    At first looking at the photos on the right of this page, I thought Lily was the doll. I’m thinking to myself, “What kind of blog did I just stumble upon!??” Then I scrolled down and saw the cute little one! (That would have been strange if it were just you and the doll.) lol

    • That is hilarious! 🙂 That gave me a good laugh, for sure! Thanks for the confidence; I hope you’re right! Have a great day!

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