hey, it’s delurking day 2011!

I had no idea until just a few minutes ago, but today is Delurking Day 2011! To be honest, I’d never heard of it until just now, right here. Truth be told, I’m a lurker. Big time. Let me check … yep, I have 226 blogs in my Google Reader feed, yet I rarely comment on any posts. Ridiculous, I know. I’ll gladly be taking this opportunity to delurk. In fact, I just submitted my first Delurking Day comment moments ago! Yippee!

So, fess up. How about you? Do you take a moment to say ‘hi’ on the blogs you read? Do you leave comments, feedback, or questions? As a blogger, I love comments. If you’re thinking I don’t pay any attention or don’t care, you’re wrong! I love to hear from you – each and every one of you!

Today’s your chance to have an excuse – delurk right here, right now! Just say hi. Tell me where you’re from, what you like to do, your favorite food, or about your pets. If you love photography, cooking, or scuba diving, share something about that. Or if you see something that you love or hate here – a photo, tip, recipe, whatever – let me know! Have children? Tell me something about them, or share a tip you’re learned along the way. Remember how you got here? Please, share. I’ll write back, I promise (Disclaimer: I won’t have internet access for much of the weekend, but I will write back. By Monday. Pinky swear.). And believe me, I’ll be ticked with every single comment.

I look forward to meeting you, virtually, of course. I do hope you’ll delurk here and elsewhere. Share the love! I know I’ll be delurking more and more – I’ll think of it as one of my goals for this year. Should be fun – for everyone!


2 responses to “hey, it’s delurking day 2011!

  1. Caught!! I am definitely a “Lurker” and thanks for catching me! I’m going to join your resolution to lurk less and comment more …starting right here. I’m late to the party but starting a blog is one of my new year’s goals. I know when you have a blog it’s important to comment so that people can track back and connect with you… so, one of my excuses for not commenting so far has been… I’ll comment as soon as I start my blog 🙂 BTW, I linked here by way of your flicker photos, which I love! Thanks for sharing your photos, thoughts and inspiration. Cheers!

    • Hi, Alice! So glad you stopped by – and got caught! I think you’d be great at, and love, blogging! It’s a great release sometimes. Thanks for the kind words – and here’s to hoping we both delurk more and more this year!

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