stomach flu vs. childbirth

Yeah, I know … at first thought, the two have nothing in common. Seriously, how could the stomach bug and birthing a little person possibly be related? Believe me, in many ways, I think the stomach flu is right up there. (And as a side note, I did manage to birth a person without drugs, so I know just how wonderful it can be.)

If I could, I’d love to erase the past 48 hours from memory. It’s really longer than that (about 60 hours at the moment, and I’m still not out of the woods), but I’ll take the 48 hours and try to forget about the rest. I have aching muscles that I didn’t even know existed. Seriously, did you know you had muscles in your upper chest, up around your neck?

And the torture factor is probably the worst. I got a little person out of childbirth – and it didn’t last as long! What did I get from the stomach flu? Okay, I do need to lose several pounds, and the stomach bug certainly helped out with that. But it wasn’t worth it. Not one bit.

On the plus side, I’m blessed to have such a fabulous husband. Our daughter got sick on Saturday – high fever, coughing, sneezing, clingy – and is still sick, though the fever has now subsided. Through all of this, he’s taken care of her, in addition to taking care of me. He even took my grocery list and went to the store on Sunday night! Amazing guy, he is.

Despite feeling like garbage, I have indeed managed to take pictures over the past few days for my 365 project initiative, I just haven’t had the energy to post them. Look for them later this week. Don’t worry, they’re not earth shattering – remember, I hadn’t left the house since Saturday morning until today. In fact, the photo from yesterday will probably be titled “the view from here.” I know, you can hardly wait.

Anyway, happy Tuesday. I do hope you avoid the stomach bug this year – it’s an ugly one, for sure. Take your vitamin C, avoid unnecessary handshakes, and be healthy!


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