so small.

Most of the time, I notice how big she’s getting. Her shoes are much bigger. Her once tiny hands are growing. She’s gotten taller. Communication seems to become more clear every day.

Tonight, however, I noticed just how small she is.

IMG00069-20110107-1752 IMG00071-20110107-1753
IMG00074-20110107-1755 IMG00076-20110107-1756

She wanted to carry the basket through Lowe’s. Who would we be to refuse, right? It was a struggle, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’d take breaks, sitting the basket down and playing with the handles. When she was ready to continue, she’d pick the basket up again and continue on. Walking through the aisles, she looked so incredibly tiny.

To take a sentimental moment and turn it into a comedy, we turned the corner and were at the end of the plumbing aisle. On our left was the display of toilets. She sees the toilet, turns to us and says, “poop.” Oh. My. Heavens. Absolutely hilarious, that girl.

Our baby may be growing up, but she’s still little. It’s certainly our opportunity to cherish these moments because I’m sure they won’t last much longer.


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